Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai starts with Kartik (Mohsin Khan) and Naira (Shivangi Joshi) sharing some romantic moments in the room. He says he wants to be close to her. As he is about to kiss her, Luv and Kush enter the room. He is annoyed and tries to send them away. Mansi, Keerti and Priyanka enters the room and tease Naira. They tell her to call up the Singhanias as she must be feeling homesick but she says she will get emotional.

The Singhanias get a voice messages packed in boxes in their rooms where she tells them not to miss her much. He tells Naksh (Rishi Dev) to look after Naitik  (Vishal Singh) as he is alone. She says I love you papa. Daadi comes to the room and says she needs to talk to Naira. She brings up the the Aditya incident. She says you are creating friction at our home. Daadi says you are pointing fingers at Aditya and insulting him. She says you were a daughter in the Singhania house but you are a bahu here. She tells her to mind her limits. She says if you cross the line, I will make your life hell.

Naira says I did the right thing. You have no idea what happened there. Dadi tells her to mind her statements. Kartik walks in and asks what is wrong. He asks Naira what is Daadi telling her? She says I was explaining to her the customs of the house. Kartik tells Daadi that Aditya does not deserve the respect. He says Aditya has become a matter of ego for her. Naira wants to rest but Kartik says I will not leave the room. Swarna tells Daadi that it would be better that they postponed the moh dikhai as Naira must be very tired. She says Naira has to complete it no matter how tired she is. Baisaa tells Naksh to give a decent gift to Naira on reception as  it is a matter of prestige. Kartik sees Naira in a new outfit and is spellbound.