Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai starts with Naira (Shivangi Joshi) finding Kartik (Mohsin Khan). Kartik’s truck leaves. Daadi gets worried knowing that Kartik and Naira are missing. Naitik (Vishal Singh) tells her that Naira will handle the situation. Naksh (Rishi Dev), Gayu (Kanchi Singh) and Keerthi (Mohena Singh) decide to distract the audience till Kartik and Naira return. Daadi is worried, Naitik tells her that Naksh and Gayu will handle the situation and tells her to calm down.

Naksh and Gayu introduce their ‘Title’ game and take the function further. Kartik sees Naira in the truck and asks her how she got here. She tells him that one angel helped her in getting on the truck. Kartik tells the driver to stop the truck but he tells its matter of love and he won’t stop.  Naira laughs at him. Mishti introduces first title of ‘Always Angry’. Bua Daadi teases the Goenka’s saying it will go to Kartik’s Dadi but Mishti says it goes to her. Everyone starts laughing.

Second title of ‘Ms.Organic’ goes to Daadi (Swati Chitnis). Kartik warns Naira to stop the truck or else he will jump off the truck, Naira tells him I will jump after you. Kartik looks at Naira. Third title of Ms. Make Up Shop goes to Surekha (Kartik’s Chachi). The fourth title of Mr. Khabari goes to Naira’s Dadaji and fifth title of Ms. Beautiful to Rajshri. The next tag of Mr. Busy is given to Manish (Sachin Tyagi). Kartik tells Naira that he is still angry on her. Naira makes him understand that he is wrong and he should understand Manish. Naira reminds Kartik how he united Naira and Akshara and tells him she did not do anything wrong by inviting them.

Kartik and Naira have a cute fight and Naira challenges Kartik to come with her and perform in front of everyone. Everybody gets worried for Kartik and Naira. Kartik challenges Naira to kiss him in front of everyone. Naira and Kartik are fighting and they realize that they have reached the highway. Kartik calls Naksh and tells him about all this. Daadi gets angry on Kartik and cuts the call. Kartik and Naira start blaming each other for this situation. Naira asks him for a solution. Kartik and Naira make a video call and they apologize to Daadi. The duo performs on ‘The Humma Song’. In the middle of performance, Naira puts a dupatta on the camera and kisses Kartik on the cheeks. He calls her a cheat.  She says, everything is fair in love and war. They continue their dance. Everyone applauds for Kartik and Naira.

In the night, Daadi tells Manish that today’s Sangeet was for Kartik’s happiness and further functions will be according to rituals. Kartik comes there and thanks Daadi for today and presses her legs. Daadi tells him that she is very happy that full family was involved in Sangeet. Manish tells Daadi to ask Kartik if he wants him and Suwarna to be part of the wedding. Kartik tells Daadi that Naira wants everyone to be part of the family and it’s her wedding too, so he agrees to have Manish and Suwarna at the wedding. Everyone  get happy listening to this.

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Naira and Gayu tease Naksh as it’s his turn to get married next; he tries to escape saying that he needs to get Pooja samagri. Naira tells him that her Rishikesh friends will get it. She calls them, Bhabhimaa gets tensed. Bua Daadi distracts her and doesn’t let her call them. Bhabhimaa tells Bua Daadi that she will come to know this and get angry. Bua Daadi tells her relax. Naira gets Suwarna’s call; she tells her that they had fun in the Sangeet Ceremony. Suwarna thanks her for everything. Suwarna tells her about staying at the Goenka villa after the wedding, Naira tells tensed and wants to tell the truth. Suwarna keeps the call as she sees Kartik. Naira feels bad.