Mrs. Goenka asks where is Manish going. He says he has a meeting in Mumbai. She asks why is he lying. He says he is not lying. He says he actually has a meeting. Karthik (Mohsin Khan) enters Mr. Goenka’s office. Naira (Shivangi Joshi) tells Gayu that she has tried to convince Karthik to apologize to his father but she doesn’t know whether he’ll go or not. Mrs. Goenka asks Manish why is becoming weak in front of Karthik’s hatred. She reminds him how he has always stood strong in front of his. Naira tells Gayu that she wants both the families to participate in the wedding.

Mr. Goenka says they will return in a day and he will fulfill her desire of having ice candy on Chowpatty. They both recall their old days. Karthik reaches his cabin and sees him happily talking to Mrs. Goenka from outside. He gets angry and leaves. He says he knows that they are happy in their lives and they do not care a damn about his marriage. He decides to have his sangeet without them.

Naitik and his family discuss sangeet preparations. Akhilesh lits Mansi’s letter. He asks her not to bring up this matter again for Karthik and Naira’s sake. Naitik informs his family that Karthik’s family doesn’t want his family members to dance. They want professional dancers to come and perform from outside. Naira asks how will they do it then. He says he has decided to have separate sangeets. Gayu tells Naitik that it would have been nice if both the families could have come together for the ceremony. Naitik says even he wanted that but it’s not possible.

Naira calls Karthik and persuades him to have a combined sangeet. She says she wants to dance on her sangeet. Karthik and Naira promise each other to persuade their families. Karthik’s dadi asks her daughter in law who are they calling for the sangeet. She tells her that they have called superstar Aryan Khan. Naira’s dadi says that she wants to have a traditional sangeet. Naitik says that’s not possible.

Karthik shows his sisters a video of Naira’s brother’s sangeet. He says it was super fun. His sisters get convinced. They go to talk to his Dadi. She says all this used to happen in her days, now it doesn’t happen that way. She says if they will call Aryan, people will talk about their marriage for years. His sisters convince her that dancing on the sangeet would be more fun than just looking and clapping. Meanwhile, Naira’s family persuade Naitik to have a combined function. Dadi and Naitik finally agree for a combined sangeet. Naitik and Karthik inform each other.

Vijay takes a selfie outside Singhania house and sends it to Akhilesh. He says he will take some more time as it’s not that easy to arrange for a lawyer. Manish comes there and asks what’s the matter. He lies to him and says it’s nothing serious. Manish asks him to be more careful.

Both the families start rehearsing. They plan to send Luv Kush to Naira’s house to spy on Singhanias’ preperations. Mishti, Gayu and Naira’s brother enters Goenkas’ house. Karthik gets suspicious. Naitik also comes. Everyone starts making fun of them. Naitik reminds Dadi that she had only asked him to come. She and Karthik apologize and welcome him.

Gayu and team tell Naira that they couldn’t get any information. They also decide not to give them any opportunity to spy. A woman enters Sighanias’ house in veil along with all the workers. Naira and team get suspicious seeing her. Naira’s brother goes and calls her aside. He starts flirting with her. The woman shouts and goes outside. She goes out and says he was flirting with her. Naira says it’s their fault. Everyone gets back to work. Karthik enters in a veil. ALSO READ: Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 24 January 2017, Written Update of Full Episode: Mansi blames herself for Akshara’s death