Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai today begins with Naira (Shivangi Joshi) and the families coming out of the house while going to the ghat. The media and all ask Dadi(Swati Chitnis) whether they will get Kartik( Mohsin Khan) and Naira’s pictures together. People are happy about the arrangements.

While speaking to Luv and Kush , Mishti learns that Kartik and Naira are no more staying with the Goenkas. After the media goes away Dadi tells Naira that if Kartik does not arrive at the Ghat then whatever they have done will go waste. Aditya comes in and taunts Naira about Kartik’s absence. This makes Naira’s family also question Naira about Kartik. Mishti comes in and reveals the truth, the Singhania’s are shocked. Dadi asks them if they did not already know about all this. She also says they should ask Naira about this but later once the pooja is over.

They move to the ghat. Dadi keeps taunting Naira, she becomes very upset. She decides she will not the pooja without Kartik but as she starts walking away she is stopped by Naksh(Rishi Dev). Naksh asks her to move ahead.(Also Read:Naira goes to Goenka house but without Karthik)

As she stands unable to move she hears Kartik asking her to move. She is delighted to find him standing behind. She apologises to Kartik and says she did this for the family. Kartik understands. Kartik is also shocked to know from Naira that the Goenka’s know about their separation from the Goenka’s .

Everyone is excited to see Kartik. The media clicks their pictures together and Kartik tells them that this is the first Gangaur of his wife’s and he was bound to come. Dadi is not very pleased hearing this.

Kartik meets everybody and senses the tension in Naitik. He tells the children in the presence of Naitik that it is important to maintain a distance to nourish some relationships. Kartik apologises to Naitik and says it was his decision to go to Goenka house as well as to leave it. Naitik says he is happy that Naira has him.

Naira too apologises to the Singhania ladies and says that they should trust her and she will soon bring Kartik back to the family. They says that they trust her. Kartik asks Naira to smile and makes her happy again.

They sing and dance and celebrate Gangaur.

Precap: Naira touches the reflection of her face in water and thinks Kartik’s heart is the same and if she hurts him he will shatter. Later Akhilesh is seen confessing that Mansi accidentally killed Akshara, this is heard by Aditya and Naksh.

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