Karthik (Mohsin Khan) wakes up and sees Naira (Shivangi Joshi)  making tea. He says she has become a billi from sherni. She feels shy. He gets ready and says he will try to come back soon from office. She says okay. He asks for a kiss but then changes the topic. Ananya calls Naira and asks her if she is fine. Naira says she has become a billi. She asks if she trusts Karthik. Naira says she trusts him a lot. Ananya says then she should respect his feelings as this time will not come back.

Dadi asks Kirti to go to Delhi for Gangor festival. Karthik comes back home. Naira gets happy to see him. He introduces her to some people. He says they are going to buy a house in the same building but because the house they had come to see is locked they have brought him here. They enter the house. Karthik takes them to their bedroom but Naira stops them from entering. Karthik asks why is she stopping them. He asks if the room is unclean. She nods her head. He tells the guests that they have just shifted and that is why they haven’t got the time to set their house. They say it’s okay, they understand. Karthik asks Naira to let him open the door. She moves aside. Karthik gets surprised to see all the decorations while Naira feels embarrassed. The guests praise the decorations and leave. Karthik and Naira finally consummate their marriage.

Both Singhanias and Goenka start doing Gangor preparations. Dadi gives an order for four earthen dolls. She asks Kirti if she’s going to celebrate it here or in Delhi. She says she will celebrate it here itself. The man asks if he should make one for Karthik’s wife. Suvarna comes and says she will make it on her own. Dadi gets furious and asks if she asked Naira to do all this. She says no. She scolds her for still keeping expectations from her. Singhanias call Goenkas but Dadi refuses to talk to them.

Karthik makes tea for Naira in the morning. Luv and Kush call them and ask them to come for Gangor. He tells them that they can’t come but he will meet them soon. He tells Naira that they will only go when Goenkas will call them. ALSO READ: Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 18 April 2017, Written Update of Full Episode: Naira rescues Luv and Kush from the kidnappers