Today’s episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein starts with Vidyut and Shagun’s romantic date where Vidyut finally proposes to Shagun. Shagun however hesitates to say yes considering she is married to Mani and has Pihu but Vidyut refuses to give up. He publicly announces the proposal and pleads for her approval. That’s when Ruhi overhears this proposal and decides to expose Vidyut then and there. But before Ruhi could confront Shagun and Vidyut, Ishita drags her to the other side and tells her the whole backstory right from why they plotted the divorce to why they lied about their separation. She tells her how she and Raman have always been together and Vidyut was just helping them out to get Pihu’s custody. She explains how it’s necessary for Raman to be with Pihu but Pihu never agrees to come close to him if she sees Ishita around, which is why they agreed to fake their split and make everyone believe that they are getting divorced. Ruhi gets relieved after hearing that there’s no divorce happening between Ishita and Raman and gives a tight hug to Ishi maa..

Cut to Shagun and Vidyut’s romantic date, Vidyut flatters her like the ultimate eye candy, flits her off to a beautiful location. But Shagun puts a condition that she can’t live without Pihu is when Vidyut explains that she can give Pihu’s custody to Raman coz he can’t take care of Pihu for he’s a celebrity and his lifestyle is different. He forces her to believe that Pihu will not be able to adjust to his lifestyle. Rather she’ll be happy with her parents (Raman and Ishita). Shagun still fails to understand following which, Vidyut blackmails her emotionally saying, ‘so I don’t matter to you, you will leave me for Pihu?” Shagun then says she doesn’t want to lose him and finally agrees to handover Pihu’s custody to Raman. (Shagun then calculates in her own mind if this is the right decision of handing over Pihu’s custody to Raman)

Ruhi then comes to meet Pihu and Raman where Raman decides to inform Ruhi about the whole plan. But Ruhi refuses to listen and tells him that she won’t question any of his decisions and he can divorce Ishimaa following which Raman says, we’re not getting divorced and Ruhi says, I knew it already, Ishimaa told me everything. Ruhi apologises for misunderstanding Ishimaa and Raman.

But just when everything was falling in place, we get to see the spoiler from tomorrow’s episode – Shagun and Pihu see Vidyut, Raman and Ishita chilling together and realise that it was just a bloody plan against them. What worse in store for us? Keep watching this space for more updates on Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, only on BollywoodLife.