Ruhi (Aditi Bhatia) tells Pihu (Ruhanika Dhawan) that mothers never leave their children alone. They love them unconditionally and protect them from bad things. She tells her that their Ishima (Divyanka Tripathi) is also like that. Pihu gets irritated and tells her that she is not her mother. Ruhi tells her that her belief is not going to change the truth, Ishima is her mother and that’s not going to change. She tells her that she doesn’t know about all this because when she was born Ishita had left all of them and moved to Australia. There are many things that they have hidden from her. But today she will tell her everything.

She tells her how in the past Ishita had chosen her over Ruhi and how she even tried to kill herself for that. She tells her that she has returned after seven years but still she didn’t tell Pihu anything. She tells her that she cares for you and loves you. She says that Ishita and Raman have been living separately for the past one year for her. She explains to her that she is extremely important to Ishita and infact she still didn’t want her to know the truth because she was scared that she will get hurt. She convinces her that they are world’s best parents.

Shagun (Anita Hassanandani) comes there and starts shouting on Ruhi for brainwashing Pihu. Ruhi says that she was just telling her the truth and she has not completed yet. She asks her if she should tell her that she accepted Vidyut’s proposal. Shagun asks her to mind her own business and calls Pihu.Pihu doesn’t get up. Shagun holds her hand and takes her away. Ruhi calls her from behind and Pihu stops. Pihu tells Shagun that she has to go somewhere.

Santoshi tries calling Ruhi and gets worried thinking about Ishita. She asks Mr. Bhalla if she would have actually got into an affair. He says even is she would have, she should be happy for her as she deserves to move on in life. Santoshi says used to think the same but she can’t live without her – she more than her daughter-in-law, she is her daughter. She tells him that she knows that she can never do anything like this.

Raman (Karan Patel) and Ishita wait for Ruhi at the airport. They start panicking thinking why hasn’t she come yet. Ruhi comes and says she has a surprise for them. Ishita and Raman get shocked to see Pihu walking towards them. Karan goes ahead and hugs her tightly. Pihu looks at Ishita and goes towards her. Ishita and Raman get shocked. Pihu goes and says Ruhi calls her Ishima, so what should she call her. Ishita gets reminded of the day when Ruhi called her Ishima for the first time. Raman and Ruhi get happy. Pihu asks if she will not hug her. Ishita gets happy and starts crying. She bends down and hugs her tightly. Raman goes and hugs Ruhi. Ishita asks her to repeat what she said. She smiles and calls her Ishima again. She thanks her and hugs her again.

Raman asks how did she come here. She tells them that Ruhi has told her everything about their sacrifices. She says now we will all live together. Just then Shagun comes there. Everyone gets shocked. Pihu smiles at her. Shagun says she will not stop them. She loves Pihu and she wants to live with her father. She says she has decided that from now Pihu will live with Raman and Ishita.Ishita and Raman get very happy. Shagun says she will meet her regularly and she should not be stopped. Raman allows her.

Ishita goes to thank her. With tears in her eyes, Shagun says that her children might think she is a bad mother but she loves Pihu and she is her daughter. Ishita says Ruhi, Aadi and Pihu – all three are her children and she can meet them when ever she wants. Shagun goes and hugs Pihu and tells her that she will miss her. She leaves. Everyone hugs each other. Ruhi says she will not come with them as she has some work here. Raman freaks out but Ishita convinces him that she will manage on her own. They leave.

In morning, Santoshi gets worried for Ishita. Mr. Bhalla asks her not to worry. Aadi calls Ruhi but she cuts the phone saying she there is signal problem. She says they can’t tell him anything now else surprise will get spoiled. Simmi sees something in newspaper.

Precap : Shagun asks Pihu if she is sure that she wants to live with Ishita. She asks if she doesn’t love her. Pihu says she loves her but now she has promised Ishima that she will give her a chance. Shagun leaves angrily. Ishita sees that.