Raman (Karan Patel) and Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) get upset to find out that Ruhi doesn’t want to meet them after causing them so much humiliation. They try to talk the female inspector into letting them meet her but she refuses to help them. They come home to see Pihu’s friend’s mom drop her daughter at their place. Kiara’s mother tells Ishita that she knows how she has raised her kids and Ruhi is innocent. She also adds that she got Kiara home so Pihu can be distracted. Ishita overhears Pihu and Kiara arguing about whose Dad is the best in the world. Pihu praises Ishita’s cooking skills, too.

Kiara then asks Pihu to ask Raman to cook for them, if that’s the case. Pihu promises to speak to Raman and urges Ishita to convince him. Raman talks to Mani about what they can do now and that Ruhi has refused to speak to them. Before Raman can say anything to Ishita, she stops him and tells him about Pihu’s demand. She drags him in the kitchen and convinces him to cook. She is a little taken aback when Raman starts boasting about his culinary skills and he points to Pihu and Kiara who spy on them. (ALSO READ: Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 27 January 2017, Written Update of Full Episode: Sohail threatens Ruhi to kill his family if she doesn’t fast-track her case)

Raman cuts his finger by mistake and Ishita volunteers to help him. Kiara tells Pihu how lucky she is that both her parents love each other so much. Ishita hurts her head while setting the table and everyone starts panicking. Raman takes her inside and gives her an ice pack while Pihu explains to Kiara that Raman always gets worried if something happened to Ishita. Raman lashes out at Ishita blaming her for everything that happened with Ruhi and leaves.

Turns out Param is the minister’s personal assistant and he offers to help Raman-Ishita-Romy. He tries to assure them that he is on their side and takes them to speak with the minister. The minister tells them that this is a lost case and that he can’t help them unless they find a proof that she has not committed the crime. Raman and Ishita have a verbal spat outside the office and she walks away. Param stops Raman and Romy volunteering to help Ruhi. Raman finds it difficult to trust him but Param requests them to give him one chance since they have loved his daughter so much.

Param tells Raman that they need to sneak Ruhi out of the remand home and Romy agrees to it. Param tells them how they can sneak in and speak to Ruhi. He also gives them a guy’s number who will help them sneak Ruhi out. Romy and Raman leave the office after thanking Param. Ishita is discussing the entire case with Shagun asking her if her NGO can help her. Shagun and Ishita leave immediately to speak to the head of the NGO. Romy stresses that Raman has to do what Param said. Raman tells Romy that he doesn’t trust Param but Romy tells him that Param is a changed man now.