Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) asks Nidhi to go in her car’s boot (dikki in Hindi). Nidhi says she is not a fool to listen to her. She says she knows it’s her plan to take her to police station. Ishita says her mother’s life is in danger and she cannot afford to act smart now. She tells her that police is patrolling all over the city and if she sits on the front seat, she will not be able to take her out of Delhi. Nidhi agrees to sit in the boot. As soon as she goes towards her car, Ishita flashes the torch in her eyes. Ruhi and Mihika come running from behind and throw red powder at her. Nidhi gets shocked and starts shouting in pain. They throw water in her eyes while Ishita injects something in her body.

Nidhi gets bewildered. Ishita tells her that she has injected poison in her body and she will die in ten minutes. She tells her that if she helps her diffuse the bomb attached on Madhu, then she will give her an anecdote and save her life. Nidhi tells her which wire to cut. Ishita goes and diffuses the bomb. Everyone takes a sigh of relief.

Nidhi asks Ishita to save her now. Police vans come from behind. Ishita tells her that she is not as cruel as her and she had just injected glucose water in her body. She asks her why did she kill Vandita. Nidhi says she didn’t do anything. Ishita slaps her and asks her to tell the truth to Madhu. She tells them that on that day she forgot to wear her glasses and denture and Shagun saw her in her real avatar. Shagun started shouting on seeing her and that is why she pushed her. She tells them that she would have killed Shagun that day but she ran inside and called Raman (Karan Patel). She somehow managed to escape in Raman’s car. She tells them that she didn’t want to kill Vandita. It was an accident. Police hears her statement. Madhu starts slapping her.

Police arrests Nidhi. Ishita tells Madhu that Raman is innocent. Madhu apologizes to her for doubting her intentions. Everyone comes back home. Madhu takes Ishita to her house. Vishwa gets angry to see Ishita. Madhu tells her that they were wrong. She tells them how Ishita saved her life. She informs them that Nidhi killed Vandita and Raman is innocent. She tells them that she even hurt Shagun.

Ishita gets worried and calls Aaliya to ask about Shagun. Aaliya tells her that Shagun is perfectly fine. Aadi scolds Mihika for taking such a big risk without informing anyone. Mihika tells him that they didn’t have the time to inform them. She tells him that Ruhi saw Nidhi kidnapping Madhu and it was because of her that they could save her. Everyone starts praising Ruhi. Aadi gets angry on Ruhi for not telling him about it.

Bala apologizes to Ishita for doubting on Raman. He praises her for trusting him. She tells him that she is worried for Raman as he is not sharing anything with her. Ruhi shouts on Aadi and asks him not to create a mountain out of a mole. Aadi stops her and tells her that he knows that she doesn’t find him responsible enough to be told all this. Everyone gets worried to see them fighting like this. Ruhi argues back and tells him that she is an educated woman and doesn’t need a man to solve her problems. Aadi tells her that he was just worried for her. She says she knows he wants her to stay at home and not to anything. Aadi shouts on her. Ishita throws water on both of them and ask them to shut up. Ruhi leaves. Ishita tells Aadi that he should be proud of Ruhi. He looses it and says she is the best and he is zero. He asks why don’t they throw him out of their house. Ishita gets shocked. ALSO READ: Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 27 March 2017, Written Update of Full Episode: Nidhi abducts Madhu and blackmails Ishita