Yeh Hai Mohabbatein begins with Mani (Sumeet Sachdev) wishing Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) good morning. She asks about Shagun (Anita Hassanandani). Mani says she’s just woken up but Ishita says she must have breakfast quickly. Gulabo tells her to eat and not worry about Shagun. Ishita is about to fall on the slippery floor but Gulabo holds her. Nidhi/Trisha is annoyed to see her planned fail. Mani spots oil on the floor and yells at the maid. Gulabo comes there and says that Nidhi/Trisha might have done it. He tells Gulabo not to interfere and look after Ishita. Gulabo says that today it was Ishita, tomorrow it could be Shagun. Mani is worried. Ishita says Gulabo you are so nice and everyone is so happy after you have come over. Ishita says I need some help from you as I want to plan a surprise for someone. Gulabo says yes.

Mani asks Trisha/Nidhi if she dropped oil there to harm Ishita. Nidhi/Trisha denies doing so and tells him to shut up. Mani says I helped you get out of the jail and assisted in your crime, don’t you dare harm my family. Mani holds Nidhi/Trisha’s neck and says don’t you dare hurt my unborn baby. Ishita decks up a table for a candlelight dinner. Gulabo asks what is happening? Ishita says someone special is coming over. Ishita says Gulabo and her husband are coming over at our place. She says what is the need? Gulabo/Raman is worried and say just say thanks it will be enough. Ishita says whatever you do for us is very special, so we thought of holding the party for you. They tell her to call her husband. Gulabo says her husband is not home. Ishita and Shagun say invite him tomorrow. Pihu calls a friend and tells her that she has done all her homework and now she will check her Photogram. Pihu gets happy seeing 22 friend requests and decides to upload a profile picture of hers. She gets upset seeing that her snap is not upto the mark. Pihu says I will tell papa to click a nice snap.

Raman calls Romi and says he needs to arrange Gulabo’s husband. They call an office-boy and tell him to become his husband. He narrates the entire incident. Romi and he try to convince him. The man says my father and wife will be very upset and I won’t be able to do this. Raman gets worried. Shagun says we should get a gift for Gulabo’s husband too. Ishita says I will get the gift. Pihu enters the room and shows her the selfies to Shagun. She selects a picture and puts it as profile picture. Romi seeks help from an actor friend to become Gulabo’s husband. The friend asks for more details. He says you have to be my brother’s husband. The guy says tomorrow I have a play and I cannot be a husband tomorrow. Ishita calls Gulabo and insists that her husband comes tomorrow. She asks what does he like in food. She says Palak Paneer. Raman thinks from where to get the husband.

In the morning, she sees Ishita looking pretty in a pink saree. She tells her to look after Pihu and Shagun. Ishita says she is busy. Gulabo says then cancel the dinner. Ishita says I will manage time for your husband. Raman calls Romi who says he is trying to get a guy. Pihu says her teacher scolded her in class as she was writing stories in Math class. She talks about her science project. Pihu says why are you tensed? Romi says I found your husband, he will come home in the evening. Pihu leaves homework and starts surfing on net. Gulabo is tensed about her husband. The bell rings and the fake husband walks in. Ishita and Shagun greet him. Shagun says your wife is amazing. He says my wife is very nice. Ishita and Shagun says we want to know your love story. Gulabo gets worried.