Aadi brings ice-cream for Shravu. He refuses to eat. Aadi takes him inside. Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) reaches police-station and tells the inspector that Raman (Karan Patel) is out of town. He asks her to identify a gold pen’s lid and asks her if she has seen it. She says she hasn’t seen it before. He asks if she has seen it with Raman. She tells him that Raman doesn’t uses such expensive pens. She clicks a picture of the lid to ask Raman’s secretary if she has seen it in office. He asks her to co-operate with them. She assures him that she will not rest until she proves Raman innocent and find the real culprit.

Shravu throws the ice cream and asks Aadi to stop acting. Aadi asks Mr and Mrs Iyer to talk to him. They ask him to leave and say that they have broken all ties with his family. Ishita calls the secretary. Secretary tells her that Raman doesn’t uses such pens.  Ishita asks her to find out if someone uses such pens in office. Santoshi tells Ishita that Pihu is disturbed with what all is happening in the house and suggests to send her to her relative’s house. Ishita agrees and goes to her school to take the principal’s permission. Ishita sees the golden pen in a teacher’s hand and follows her.

A client comes to meet Aadi and gets surprised to see Vishwanath Iyer in the photo frame and asks if he is his grand father. Aadi gets angry and tells him that he is not his grand father. Ishita asks the teacher where did she buy the pen from. She tells her that she has got it custom made from a jeweler. Ishita asks her to send the number of the jeweler. Ruhi sees Aadi shouting on the client and comes and handles the situation.

Ishita meets the jeweler and asks if he makes such pens and asks him who all have he made it for. He tells her that he has made it for Tisha, Mani’s secretary. Ishita gets shocked.