Judge asks Ruhi (Aditi Bhatia) to give them her final statement. She narrates the whole incident again and tells them that Sohail is innocent as she shot the blackmailer. Her lawyer asks why didn’t she tell this earlier. He says she is making stories to save Sohail. He reminds her that Pihu (Ruhanika Dhawan) witnessed Sohail’s crime. Ruhi says he took the gun from her as soon as she shot the blackmailer so maybe Pihu would have misunderstood that he has killed him. She reminds the court about Pihu’s medical condition. Sohail smirks. Raman (Karan Patel) stands up and says Sohail has brainwashed Ruhi. Sohail says he is ready to go to jail. he himself doesn’t want Ruhi to get punished.

Raman goes and holds Sohail’s neck. Police comes and takes him away. Ishita (Divyanka  Tripathi)  cries seeing all this. Judge instructs them to take Raman out. Romi (Aly Goni) apologizes to the judge on his behalf but he doesn’t listen. They bring Raman out. Abhishek (Vivek Dahiya) comes there and asks them to leave Raman. Raman asks him why did he let Ruhi meet Sohail. He says because that one meeting she is taking his murder charge on her head. Abhishek says Ishita insisted him to let her meet Sohail. Raman pleads him to save his daughter. Abhishek and Romi take him outside.

Simmi calls Mihika and asks what’s happening there. Ananya comes home crying. Simmi gets worried seeing her. Gaurav comes there and says she needs to teach Ananya some manners. Simmi says she is a very well behaved child. Gaurav says she misbehaved with him. She asks if he said something to her. He says that she is not ready to listen a word against her father and it’s high time she tells her his truth. Simmi asks why did he bring up Param’s topic. He tells her that he knows everything about Param and he feels Ananya should know it too. She says she never spoke to him about Param then how come he knows all this. Gaurav tells her that someone told him. He asks Simmi to tell Ananya everything about her father else she will get hurt if she gets to know it from someone else.

Judge announces 10 years imprisonment for Ruhi and sets Sohail free. He says because Ruhi is seventeen years old she will be sent to juvenile remand home for now. After an year, she will be shifted to adults’ jail. Ishita starts crying and tells the judge that she is lying. Sohail acts innocent and requests the judge to not jail Ruhi. Police takes Ruhi away. Ishita asks her to say the truth. But, they take her away. Sohail smirks.

Raman goes in a shock seeing Ruhi in handcuffs. He asks the police to leave her. They take her inside the van. Raman and Ishita run after the van and ask them to leave her. Raman falls on the road. Ishita cries seeing him in a shock. He asks her to back off. Everyone gets shocked. He says why did he take Ruhi to the jail to meet Sohail inspite of him having warning her not to tell Ruhi anything about the case. He says it’s because of her that Ruhi is in jail today. Ishita asks him to hear her out once. He asks her to stay away from him. Mr. Bhalla goes and slaps him for blaming Ishita for Ruhi’s imprisonment.

Raman says he will not be able to forgive her this time. This is the second time when he has lost his daughter because of her mistake. He folds his hands and asks her not to do anything for his children here after. She asks him to stop but he leaves. Romi goes to calm down Raman. Mihika consoles Ishita. She runs after Raman. Santoshi looks on.

Sohail thanks his lawyer. Raman goes and pushes Sohail from behind. He tries to kill him but police comes and stops him. Sohail asks them to leave him as she knows him. He tells Raman that he felt the same when his father committed suicide because of him. He says he spoilt his sister’s life by rejecting her. Romi and Mr. Bhalla stop Raman from attacking on him. Sohail says that this is just the beginning. He says he will never be able to free Ruhi. Ishita comes and slaps Sohail. She says he has no right to compare both the situations as Raman didn’t commit that crime intentionally but he planned all this. She says she will bring her out any how. Sohail says all this doesn’t matter to him now as he has done what he wanted to do. He leaves.

Raman takes his car and follows Sohail. Ishita asks Romi to follow Raman. Santoshi stops her and asks her to stay away from Raman. Santoshi asks her to go to her house and blames her for spoiling Ruhi and Raman’s life. Mr. Bhalla asks her to scold Raman instead. Santoshi says this time it’s Ishita’s fault. Ishita says Ruhi was ready to commit suicide if not allowed to meet Sohail that is why she had to take this decision. Santoshi says she should have informed Raman before going. Romi asks them to stop fighting. He says Ishita did what she felt was right at that moment. Mihika supports Santoshi and says she should not have taken Ruhi to the jail. She also asks her to distance herself from Raman.

Mihika suggests to focus on Ruhi instead of fighting with each other. Santoshi asks Romi to follow Raman. Mr. Bhalla takes Santoshi and Mihika away. Ishita stands there and cries. Raman goes to the remand home and asks the police to let her meet Ruhi. He meets a woman who tells her that her daughter is also inside and she is in a very bad state. Raman gets tensed. ALSO READ: Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 24 January 2017, Written Update of Full Episode: Love struck Ruhi takes Sohail’s murder charge on her head