Aditya (Abhishek Verma) is having trouble sleeping after abandoning his newly wed bride at that time of the night. He wakes up with a start and hurries to get her but is stopped on the way by Romi(Aly Goni). Romi asks him the reason of his panic and Adi reveals the entire truth to Romi. A shocked Romi tells Adi he did the right thing by not bringing the girl to their house. Adi tells Romi he is troubled by the fact that even the innocent girl was not at any fault so he should not have left her alone on the way. Also he is worried about what would happen if the girl returns to Khandpur and inform Gagan about his betrayal. Adi does not want to risk his parent’s life once again. Romi convices Adi to forget the entire episode like a bad dream and says the girl is old enough to take care of herself.

Meanwhile the auto driver who became Roshni’s saviour brings her to a colony and says the colony belongs to very good and helpful people especially Shanti Tai who would help her in her current plight. Shanti tai receives Roshni with love and affection, she tends to her and says Roshni can stay here for any period of time till she finds her husband. She offers Roshni her phone to call her mother to which Roshni says no as she does not want to trouble her mother anymore. Roshni is asked to rest. After Roshni goes inside Shanti Tai tells the auto driver she has a feeling that the girl would never find her husband.

Adi and Romi have a discussion about the issue in the morning. Romi tells Adi he should not let anyone at home come to know about what happened to him in the past 48hrs. Romi promises that he would go to Khandpur himself and take care of the rest of the things, he also asks Adi to block Gagan’s calls. Raman(Karan Patel) enters the room hearing Romi tell Adi to close this chapter. Raman asks them which chapter are they closing, Romi diverts the topic by saying Adi would no longer be a bachelor and they should plan a bachelor part for him. Raman says that would be required only when the marriage is going to happen, he says how can the marriage happen with both his mothers being at loggerheads. They decide to do something about this and Raman asks Adi to go to Shagun’s (Anita Hassanandani) house while he has already called Aliya(Krishna Mukherjee) here.

Ishita (Divyanka Tripati) is still fuming over her issue with Aliya’s lehenga. She tells Mrs Bhalla (Shahnaz Rizwan) how she is upset with everyone for not speaking to Shagun about making extravagant expenses over a lehenga. She calls out to Adi and Mrs Bhalla informs her Adi is out for some work. Aliya comes in crying and they crowd around her, she complaints to Ishita that though Ishita is right in her view about the lehenga still how can she and Adi get married if Shagun does not come for the wedding. Ishita is surprised to hear that Shagun has refused to attend the wedding. She asks Raman to call Shagun and Mani(Sumeet Sachdev) to their house for having discussion over this. Raman enacts his part in the drama and screams that he supports Ishita in this entire thing and it is Shagun’s nature to always create an issue over nothing. Mihika( Avantika Hundal) too plays her part and says she is worried for Aliya and they should try and speak to Shagun. Raman comes aside to make the call and Mihika signals to him over the success of part one of their drama. Raman though is still worried if Adi and Mani would be able to convince Shagun.

Adi plays his part infront of Shagun and says he is worried about his wedding as Ishita has refused to attend it. He says how can he get married with both his mothers being so upset. Mani as his part of the play announces that he would never go against Shagun and Ishita cannot have her way everytime. Adi says Mani is Ishita’s best friend and atleast he should try and convince her but Mani refuses to go against Shagun.

Shagun intervenes and says she knows Ishita would never relent and do as she likes so she says they should speak to Ishita. Mani gets Raman’s call but refuses to receive it, he receives the call at Shagun’s insistence. Raman asks them to come home, and Shagun says they would go. Shagun goes to get ready.

Adi and Mani are happy about the success of their drama. Mani goes off to get ready and Adi is again reminded of Roshni , he hopes Romi would handle Gagan.

On the other hand Roshni is pleasantly surprised by the hospitality and care of Shanti Tai. She thanks her for being so courteous to her. She tells Shanti tai she would repay her someday, to this Shanti Tai says she would make her repay for everything. Roshni goes in to get ready to go back to the park to wait for Adi. The auto driver comes in, Shanti tai tells the auto driver that the girl is a hen which can lay golden eggs just they need to get the customers for her. Roshni hears this conversation and is shocked at Shanti Tai’s reality. She tries to run but is subdued and bound.

At the Bhalla house they have the small meeting with the motive of convincing Shagun and  Ishita. Raman says they should ask the would be bride about what she wants before fighting over the said lehenga. Aliaya says she had loved the lehenga but now she does not want it as she wants to see both her mothers happy for her wedding. Mihika says she has an idea and that they should look for the best lehenga at and economical option. They all are happy and agree to it. Adi and Aliya hug, Aliya says she knew nobody can stop their wedding. Adi is upset and still withdrawn by guilt.

Precap: Ishita reaches Shanti tai’s doorstep with the lehenga design and asks her to make the lehenga for Aliya. Shanti tai says she would get it done. As she closes the door Ishita hears Roshni’s scream and questions Shanti tai. Shanti tai is furious and asks Ishita to go away. As the door closes Ishita is worried about what she heard. Will Ishita find out about Roshni? Or will Roshni end up in deeper trouble?