Hollywood star Hugh Jackman is a happy man as far as his professionally pursuits are concerned. His latest and supposedly last Wolverine film, Logan has been receiving rave reviews from critics around the world. So much so, that many are of the opinion that the film might create history by becoming the first superhero film to get an Oscar nomination in the Best Picture category in 2018. That’s how much love the film is getting. However, while his career is at an all time high, it looks like things aren’t so great on the home turf.

According to reports, Hugh Jackman and his actress-wife, Deborra-Lee Furness are headed for a split. They have been “living increasingly separate lives” since the past few months, reports aceshowbiz.com. “They’ ve been spending a lot of time apart over the past four or five months and neither of them seems to mind,” a source reveals in Woman’s Day magazine.

Another source, in the same report, says that Jackman was experiencing a midlife crisis and had “immersed himself in a younger crowd over the past few months. She says he’s freaking out because he is going to be 50 soon.”

The source further adds that while Furness has “total confidence in their marriage,” she laughs that “Hugh’s going through a midlife crisis.”

Well Hugh Jackman may be a superhero on screen, but he is just human off it. He has his insecurities too and let’s agree that turning 50 seems to be a huge deal. In fact his age was the major reason that he decided to hang his ‘claws’ as he claimed that prepping up for a Wolverine movie was really taxing. Also read: Hugh Jackman on his last ride as Wolverine: “It feels like this is the perfect way to go out”

All we can hope is, just like his professional life, Hugh finds peace and happiness in his personal life as well and gets over this midlife crisis soon.

Talking about his latest film, Logan, it is based on comic book, Old Man Logan. The film is up for a March 3 release.

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(with inputs from IANS)