Raees is one the biggest hits of 2017. The Shah Rukh Khan starrer gangster drama did not only impress the fans but the critics as well. The movie did court some controversies, but that did not stop the film from soaring high. And for all you SRK and Raees fans, we have some throwback trivia for you. Today, exactly a year ago, was the day when Shah Rukh and Mahira Khan shot for what is THE MOST emotional scene of the movie. Here is a fair warning to all of you- there are going to be spoilers below, so if you have not watched Raees, go ahead at your own risk.

Exactly a year ago we shared the HQ pictures from on-location of Raees. Little did we all know, back then, that the scene which was being shot was so unimaginably crucial for the plot of the film. Remember during the climax of the film, when Nawazuddin Siddiqui is waiting for SRK at his friend’s home and is ready to shoot him on sight. But SRK brings along a lot of journalists so that Nawazuddin’s plans fail. This tactic does work, but SRK is legally arrested. We see him say a final goodbye to his lovely wife Mahira who is standing in the balcony. With tears in her eyes and their baby in her arms, she bids him goodbye.

This is the moment that was shot on 28th Feb in 2015. Here are the pictures from on-location:

Mahira-Khan-(4) Mahira-Khan-(7)

IMG_9318 Mahira-Khan-(7) Shahrukh-Khan-(2) Shahrukh-Khan-(3) Shahrukh-Khan-(5)

Raees has been directed by Rahul Dholakia. The film went on mint Rs 271. 63 crore worldwide, and is the highest grosser of the year, so far.