Oh, how we love the internet for reminding us of gems like these! I mean, no seriously! Who would have thought Kareena Kapoor ditched Salman Khan for Shahid Kapoor at one point in time? But this happened! A video of Kareena, Shahid, Salman and John’s performance from an old concert  is going viral where Kareena is seen rejecting Salman and John’s proposal for Shahid as she sings, ‘TUJHSE SHAADI KARUNGI’. Can you believe it? Now we agree Kareena and Shahid have moved on far ahead in the lives, we all have moved on (to an extent we now vouch for “Saifeena” and “Shamira” and their adorable kids) but hey, throwback deserves some respect, right?…that too when you have Shahid-Kareena and Salman sharing the same frame. One look at this video and you will know what we are trying to say. Also read: Shahid Kapoor on his past relationship with Kareena Kapoor Khan: It’s a world secret!

Not that we have anything against Kareena’s happy married life with Saif Ali Khan but now that we’re already in this ‘blast and the past’ space, we’ve also come across this another 2007 interview where Kareena, who was then dating Shahid, had confessed, “I’ll most definitely marry Shahid. I’m not the kind to jump from one relationship to another. For me love is for keeps.” Ahem! Guess, that’s enough of past for the day..

Here, watch the throwback video below:

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Looking forward, today Shahid and Kareena are very much content with their own respective partners and babies. Shahid had even spoken about how heartwarming was it to bump into Kareena, during her pregnancy last year. He had said, “Yes, I did bump into her and it was heart-warming to see her fully pregnant, because I’ve just been through (that experience of) having a baby. I felt happy for her. I asked her when she was due, and she told me it is sometime next month. She also asked about Misha. So it was very nice.”

We dunno if Shahid and Kareena will ever reunite for a film together again but they certainly seem very positive about continuing the respect and admiration they have for each other…Your thoughts?