As they say there is no smoke without fire and, in case of Kapil Sharma it seems there is fire as well as smoke. For past one week Kapil Sharma has been in news for his midair fight with Sunil Grover , Chandan Prabhakar and Ali Asgar. This surely has affected his show, as the said actors are not shooting for the next week’s episodes scheduled on April 2nd.

But the real reason of what this all this started off is related to Kapil’s love life and it’s a tale of his love-story turning into a hate-story. Many people brushed this as an April Fool’s joke but it seems there is more to it than anyone knew of. Our sources associated with Kapil Sharma and his ex girlfriend Preeti Simoes spill the beans on how a love story gone wrong led to this complicated situation.

Everyone knows Kapil Sharma and Preeti Simoes’ on and off love story. Preeti who also happens to be the creative director of The Kapil Sharma Show, shared not just professional relationship with the comedy actor. But it seems Kapil did not want to commit and that led to their break up six months ago. So naturally Preeti was upset with the whole mess in her personal life but professionally they continued to work for their show.

At this stage, Kapil’s mother seemed to like Gini Chatrath and insisted Kapil to get settled with Gini. All these things happened while Kapil was going for the Melbourne tour with his team.

Preeti knew Kapil’s weakness and his disorientation after he gets drunk. And while in flight his tiff with Sunil grover, Chandan Prabhakar and Ali Asgar, Preeti tried to calm the situation. The fight started with kapil making a comment to Ali Asgar about playing women’s roles. While Chandan intervened, Kapil mocked him with derogatory words. And when Sunil Grover came in between, Kapil went on to insult him as well. Sugandha Mishra and Kiku Sharda present there were witness to this whole drama along with Preeti Simoes and sister Niti Simoes.

While en route Kapil did realize his mistake and as soon as he reached India, he did another shocker on social media. Sources tells us kapil Shared his and Gini’s pictures so that all the media attention shifts to his love life. Otherwise why he did not speak about his love life on Karan Johar’s show.

Sources further reveal that Kapil’s declaration of love surely did not go well with Preeti and she was upset with Kapil’s public acknowledgment of love with Ginni. Our sources tell us it was someone from Kapil’s team who tipped the media of all details of Kapil and Sunil’s fight. And the next evening media was buzzing over Sunil and Kapil’s flight in details. Sources confirm that, naturally, it was someone Kapil’s close one who made this news public. Also Read: Kapil Sharma’s alleged assault of Sunil Grover has become a point of discussion in Lok Sabha – here’s how

Kapil though tried to salvage the situation by apologizing on social media but it seems Sunil, Chandan and Ali are in no mood to forgive Kapil. So they have refused to shoot for the next episode scheduled on April 2nd.

Currently Kapil is in Mohali shooting for his film Firangi and will be back on 29th. Kapil’s team had already shot the 1 April comedy special episode with The Great Indian Laughter Challenge team. This episode will be Kapil’s ex co-stars whom he started his career with. While there is no Sunday’s episode this week as it’s Indian Idol finale.

So the current state of Kapil’s next week episode depends if channel could persuade to get Sunil Grover, Chandan and Ali back on shoot. Or else they have to get stand back actors instead of them.

So definitely Kapil’s complicate love life torn between Gini and Preeti has caused enough mess for his show. Hope Kapil and his team workout this mess and he is back again with team to entertain the viewers with his laughter.