Don’t be surprised to see Shah Rukh Khan’s son Abram Khan and Mahira Khan’s son Azlaan to be the first ones to go and watch Spiderman: Homecoming. Because the kiddos have shown just how big fans they are of the young superhero. Just two days ago, Shah Rukh Khan had posted a Spiderman overload pic with Abram (somewhere camouflaged). And now, Mahira shared a pic of her boy wearing a Spidey cap. Clearly, the kiddos are crazy behind the superhero. The second trailer of the Marvel film recently surfaced online. Fans have been going gaga over it and over the fact that Tom Holland is quite the apt catch for the role. And guess what, even Shah Rukh’s family gave it a thumbs up. But that’s not all because even Mahira’s folks are loving the superhero.

While Shah Rukh had captioned the image as, “Spidey boom at home. They r coming out of everywhere! On the bright side, at least pizza delivery issue is resolved,” Mahira didn’t put a caption as such. Perhaps she wanted the picture to say it all. And to her benefit, it does speak volumes of how big a fan her baby boy is of Spidey!

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Spidey boom at home. They r coming out of everywhere! On the bright side, at least pizza delivery issue is resolved.

— Shah Rukh Khan (@iamsrk) March 29, 2017

If you’ve watched the second trailer, you might have come across the part where Ironman confiscates Spidey’s suit because he thinks Peter is still not mature enough to handle responsibilities. Stark further even adds, “If you’re nothing without this suit, then you shouldn’t have it.” Rings a bell? Anyway, the reason why we’re pointing this instance out is to tell you how it’s very much related to an Avenger movie where Ironman is mocked for being mortal and that without his suit, he’s nothing. The connection is pretty epic, just like the trailers so far. And with the kickass action sequences and visuals, it wouldn’t be all that tough to get so much fan following.