Aamir Khan’s drastic transformation in Dangal from fat to fit or vice versa stunned everyone and Commando 2 star Vidyut Jammwal is no different. The PK star is known for his perfection requested director Nitesh Tiwari to allow him to gain few extra kgs for the role of Mahavir Singh Phogat in Dangal and later ask him to shed it. While it’s very usual for actors to undergo such a drastic transformation in short span of time but is it really healthy for your body? Especially for someone like Aamir Khan at the age of 50. We earlier thought it was a huge health risk taken by Mr Perfectionist but thanks to Vidyut, our assumptions were proved wrong. The actor who’s a fitness freak himself believes age is just a number if fitness is your passion. (Also Read: Vidyut Jammwal is open to roles involving frontal nudity)

BollywoodLife had an exclusive opportunity to chat with Vidyut Jammwal and that’s when we asked him if Aamir’s drastic transformation for Dangal was a wise idea. He replied saying, “Anything you do to better yourself cannot be harmful. Drastic is, in fact, good. It is commendable if a person is drastically able to transform himself. If somebody is 5/10, can be 10/10, age is just a number.” Well said Vidyut and thanks for giving us all some valuable advice through the medium of your answer.

Aamir Khan’s weight gain and later the loss was an inspiring lesson for many. The star had an option to use body double or fake implants to make himself look bloated but he chose the natural way out and well, the results are in front of us. Bollywood is definitely lucky to have actors like Aamir and Vidyut. (Also Read: Vidyut Jammwal to fight Esha Gupta in Commando 2)

And if you guys are under the impression that Aamir is his favourite icon and hence he’s taking his side then that’s not the case. Vidyut loves action so much so that the genre is now his comfort zone. Being an action addict and with various tags such as India’s version of Bruce Lee under his name, his idol too should belong to his genre right? Well yes, Vidyut is a huge fan of Chinese star Jackie Chan and follows him blindly. He confessed that he had many idols while growing up but his all time favourite is the Kung Fu Yoga star Jackie.