Arpita Khan and Aayush Sharma’s son Ahil has always been Khan family’s center of attraction. Salman Khan‘s love for him is well known but this is perhaps the first time when the munchkin is seen chilling with his younger mamu Sohail Khan. A video of them has gone viral where Sohail is seen helping Ahil play the piano with his baby feet. While the video in itself is funny, it’s Ahil’s expressions that makes this one worth watching again and again. The joy and surprise on his face on listening the music coming out out from the piano is just too cute to handle.

Watch the video right here –

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Salman’s entire family including Sohail, Arpita and Aayush flew down to Hong Kong to visit Salman Khan, who is currently hopping from city to city for his Da-Bang tour. It’s during this mini reunion when this cute video was made. A few days ago a picture of Salman with Ahil also surfaced on social media. The actor was seen spending some time with the little one. We are sure Ahil must be loving all the attention coming from the Khan-daan.