Udaan begins with Chakor (Meera Deosthale) telling Suraj that he has to beg before Kamal Narayan (Sai Ballal). He says no. She says I know this is tough for you but you have to do it. Suraj (Vijayendra Kumeria) says I will survive without food. He says his self respect is bigger than his hunger. Chakor says that you need to be clever now and let go of your stubbornness. She says give Kamal the feeling that he is winning and think of your win in long run. He refuses. She leaves thinking that she needs to feed Suraj somehow to save his life.

A lawyer tells Vivaan (Paras Arora) that it is tough to prove him innocent as proofs are against him. He suggests an out of court settlement but Vivaan refuses. Imli (Vidhi Pandya) says we will get another lawyer. Ragini (Vandana Singh) laughs that Vivaan has to finally come to her for help. At home, Kamal is selling off Suraj’s belongings much to Chakor’s dismay. She says Kamal will destroy Suraj’s will-power and she has to save him. The goons bring him out and tie him to a pole. He asks what is he doing with his stuff. Kamal says we will sell this off to the villagers for one rupee per item. He kicks Suraj who warns him against touching his stuff. Ragini says these items are useless for you now. Kamal says we will sell them off.

Chakor comes there but Kamal tells her to go away from there. Chakor tells Suraj that these items are of little value. She says he is only trying to break your self respect. Suraj says my identity is associated with my belongings. He says he wants a jacket that is very dear to him. Suraj tells Chakor to save the jacket for him. He says he really loves it. Chakor says I will surely save that jacket for you. The villagers pick up the stuff hearing that they are only for one rupee. Tejaswini comes there and says she wants to buy his stuff. The goons throw her out. Suraj feels bad seeing his helplessness. Kasturi comes there and calls Suraj Bandhua, she says he has ruined her daughter Chakor’s life. Ragini is happy hearing this and lets them inside. They buy his jacket. Suraj is upset thinking how much her parents hate him.

Ragini asks Kasturi (Sai Deodhar) why did she buy the jacket. She says I bought it to burn it. They get happy. Bhuvan says he has bought stuff for only ten rupees. Kasturi goes to Suraj and says you have troubled my daughter and drops a packet of juice for him. She says I will burn your stuff. Suraj sees the packet and appreciates Chakor’s smart thinking.