Udaan begins with Chakor (Meera Deosthale) telling her mom that from where she will get the strength. Kasturi (Sai Deodhar) sings a lullaby for her. It is morning, Chakor goes and wakes up Suraj (Vijayendra Kumeria). She gives him water to drink. He there there is so much water. She says that Vivaan (Paras Arora) rectified the machine so we managed to get more water. Suraj remembers the humiliation she faced and tells her to go away from there. He throws away the bottle. He says I can fight my own battles. Suraj says I never lived off others generosity. He says I feel weak seeing you help. He tells her to leave the place. Chakor says I am not anyone…I am your wife. Suraj says whatever happened was a mistake. He says it would be better if I had divorced you before this. He says Kamal Narayan (Sai Ballal) was right in saying that you are a fake wife.

Chakor says look into my eyes and say this. Suraj says do not order me…please go away from here. He says I do not want that you meet me. He tells her to leave the haveli and never look back on him. Chakor says you are behaving in an arrogant manner and leaves. After she leaves, Suraj says if something happens to you, I will never forgive myself. He says I do not want your life to get destroyed. In the room, Chakor says that Suraj is stupid. Girija Mausi comes to give some clothes and asks if she wants food. Chakor says no. She sees a jacket and remembers that it is a special gift from Suraj. She gets emotional thinking of the time they spent together. She remembers that it was Suraj who always encouraged me to fight with Kamal Narayan, today why does he want to send me away. Chakor thinks that he does not want to see me in danger. She realises that he wanted to make her angry.

Chakor goes back to the cowshed where Suraj is smiling. She says I was scared after what Kamal Narayan did to me yesterday. She says I have only one mission to beat Kamal Narayan in life. She says I knows why you are angry with me? She says you do not want to see me hurt? She says I am not scared. Chakor says I know I have someone in my life. She says even if you abuse me I will not leave you as I know even you would not leave me. Kamal Narayan comes there and calls Chakor shameless. He says I thought you did leave the city. Sheeku says the water bottle is fully filled. Kamal says you cheated on me and fed him water. Chakor says the word cheating does not suit you. She says yesterday you cheated on me. Suraj says do not argue with him. She says because of Kamal Narayan I can indentify all cheaters. She tells Suraj that her fight with Kamal Narayan is a perennial one. She says whatever happens, I always win. Chakor says I will come up trumps and I am always with Suraj come what may. She leaves the spot.

Chakor comes back to Rajvanshi house where Kamal Narayan tells her that does she think he is trying to stop her. He says I have changed my plans and decided to torture Suraj till he does not apologise to me. He says if he does not say sorry to me, I will stop his food and water. He says once a person becomes weak physically, it is easy to break him mentally. He says let me see how you save him. Chakor gives him an angry stare. She thinks I cannot let his courage die and he needs physical strength.