Ragini and Ranjhana call a psychiatrist to check Kamal Narayan. He tells them that Kamal Narayan is not in the right state of mind, he thinks he is God. Ranjhana asks him to leave and warns him not to tell anyone about his condition. Chakor (Meera Deosthale) goes and meets Suraj (Vijayendra Kumeria). They both share a romantic eye-lock. Suraj asks why did she come to meet him. She shows him Ranjhana’s file and asks if it’s true. He says it’s cent percent true, she only killed her husband.

Chakor asks why didn’t he tell Vivaan. He tells her that Vivaan could not have digested this truth. Chakor feels good that Suraj didn’t have anyo other motive behind hiding this truth from Vivaan. She tells them that Ragini, Ranjhana and Kamal Narayan are behaving very strangely these days. She tells Suraj that she will use this file against Ranjhana.

Ranjhana makes Ragini the new head of the village. She hands over all the keys to him and asks her to take over all the responsibilities. Chakor sees this and asks what’s going on. Ranjhana tells him that Kamal Narayan is not well and he has himself appointed Ragini as the new head. Chakor gets surprised and asks he never gave the throne to his sons then how come he changed his decision for Ragini. She tells her that Ragini is way more capable than Suraj. Chakor gets suspicious of them.

Suraj tells Tejaswani that he loves Chakor and he doesn’t know how to propose her. Bhuwan and Kasturi get happy. Kasturi suggests Suraj to take her out. Suraj likes the idea. Chakor quietly sneaks into Kamal Narayan’s house. She asks him why did he give away his throne to Ragini. She asks him if he has accepted defeat. Ragini and Ranjhana come there and throw her out of his room. Chakor asks what are they hiding from her. Ragini tells them that Kamal Narayan has not appointed her the head, she has self-appointed her. Chakor tells Ranjhana that she wants to talk to her in private.ALSO READ: Udaan 28 March 2017, Written Update of Full Episode: Chakor tells Imli that she loves Suraj