Udaan begins with Suraj (Vijayendra Kumeria) realising that Chakor has drunk bhaang. He holds her back in the cowshed. Chakor (Meera Deosthale) falls in his arms and confesses that she likes him a lot. She reminds him of the time when he refused food as he had to slap her. Suraj tells Chakor to sleep in her room. She says I do not like to stay alone in the room. She says I want to beat Bhaiyyaji (Sai Ballal). Suraj makes Chakor sit beside him. She says today it is Shivratri and a wife should be with her husband. Suraj says I accept you as my wife and I pray every guy gets a husband like you. She says the day you broke the chains for me I realised that someone also loves me. Suraj says I will never leave you. They fall asleep.

Imli goes home and finds out that Ragini (Vandana Singh) has taken Tejaswini and Kasturi (Sai Deodhar) somewhere. Bhaiyyaji wakes up Suraj and Chakor. He says I have a task for you two. Imli comes there and says their moms are missing. Bhaiyyaji tells them that the ladies are in danger. He says they are 30 minutes from Azadganj in a forest. He says bombs have been tied to them. He says the timer is in my hands and you have an hour to save your mom. He says if you are successful then Suraj can lead the life of a common bandhua.

Imli grabs his neck and Chakor stops her. Seekhu ties up Suraj and Chakor with chains and says now you look for them. Chakor says you have tied up our hands and they are in different directions. How will we save them? Suraj says we will save them. Seekhu also takes away their mobiles and watches at Bhaiyya instructions. He says the time starts now. Imli says I will go with you but Chakor stops her. Suraj and Chakor try to take the jeep but its tyres are deflated. They run to find their mothers.