Udaan begins with Imli (Vidhi Pandya) thinking whether she will tell Vivaan (Paras Arora) that she ran for Suraj (Vijayendra Kumeria) or not. She thinks he’ll be angry but then remembers that she promised to be truthful to him. Vivaan comes home very upset. He talks about how Pooja said she will take back the case if he pays her Rs 25 lakhs. He says Raunak did not give him any salary. Imli suggests taking a loan but there is no one to give them the money. She tells him that they are on the right path and will come out victorious from this scandal. Chakor (Meera Deosthale) enters in and Imli says let her not know of these developments. Chakor tells Vivaan about Ragini’s (Vandana Singh) plan of taking Suraj to Azadganj for the Makar Sankranti Festival. Vivaan says he is in no mood to celebrate. Chakor says we need to do this for Suraj as the machine will be left unguarded when the men are celebrating.

Chakor says how different water levels came out when Imli and she operated it. She says it is being done to create rift between Suraj and me. She tells Vivaan to set it right. He also comes to know that Imli ran. She apologies to him. He says I should apologise to both of you. They join hands for the mission. On Makar Sankranti, Kasturi prays for her daughters. A hungry and thirsty Suraj sees villagers eating and drinking before him. Kamal Narayan (Sai Ballal) taunts him about Chakor’s absence. Tejaswini comes there and cries bitterly seeing Suraj. Kasturi gets suspicious about Kamal Narayan.

Ragini tells Kamal that she feels Chakor will come soon. Tejaswini holds Suraj and cries. He tells her to stop crying. She says all the bandhuas have cursed me so my son is also a bonded labourer now. Kamal Narayan tells Ragini to feed them sweets but Tejaswini throws them away. Ragini reminds Suraj’s mom how she fed her laddoos with chilli in it. Suraj yells at her but she tells him to mind his language. Ragini tells everyone to eat. The goons hold Tejaswini. Chakor and co reach there. She tells Ragini to let her go. Imli asks Kasturi to join the party but she refuses.

Chakor refuses the sweets given by Kamal Narayan. He says are you hungry for your husband…he says he will feed him if…Ragini holds a plate of desi ghee dishes before Suraj and taunts him. Chakor thinks why Kamal and she are doing that. Ragini teases Suraj and keeps the food down on the ground. She says there is everything in it, sweets, samosas and chilli also. Kamal Narayan calls Suraj. They keep the plate before him and later snatch it away. Father and daughter laugh out loud. Everyone feels bad. Chakor says why are you taunting him like this. Kamal Narayan says you always doubt me. I will give him food but what will you give me in return….