Udaan starts with Imli (Vidhi Pandya) crying at the dinner spot. She hears a noise and sees it is Kamal Narayan (Sai Ballal). He teases her that she is going to be a mother soon. Ranjana comes there and says no baby is on the way. She takes him inside. Imli says even a deranged Kamal Narayan understands the happiness of a child but Vivaan (Paras Arora) does not. She thinks where is Vivaan. He is shown driving angrily through a road. A man comes there in the middle of the road to save his child. Vivaan remembers Imli’s happiness and asks God why is he incapable of having a child. He recollects how the doctor said he has low sperm count. Vivaan thinks it is possible that Imli is pregnant. It is possible that the doctor has given him wrong reports about his fertility. He heads to the doctor’s place. (Also Read: Udaan 18 April 2017 Written Update of Full Episode: Imli tells Sooraj that she is pregnant)

Chakor eats food angrily thinking how Suraj (Vijayendra Kumeria) left her on their first wedding anniversary. She thinks he does not love her. Suraj sees this from a distance and says she looks happy even in my absence. He comes and sits near her. Chakor says I wanted to wait for you but was unsure so I started eating. She tells him to eat saying the food is from same dhaba as Karva Chautha night. He says it was at  the dhaba that I understood we can be friends. Chakor says I discovered your humane side when on the night of Haryali Teej when you tried to force yourself on me. Suraj feels bad and says he used to be an animal then. He says why are you reminding me about it. She says that night you could have done anything but did not do it as you loved Imli. She says I discovered the human being in you. Vivaan attacks the doctor who says there cannot be any two ways about him being impotent. He says it is surprising how Imli got pregnant. Vivaan is furious. The doctor calls his assistant.

Chakor and Suraj go into a romantic trance where they share a moment. She gets closer to him and then asks him flirtatiously – don’t you want to say something? Chakor bends down on her knees and proposes to him with a rose. She says I don’t know how you came into my life. She says if there is someone who can give me back my honour, it is you Suraj. Mahiya plays. She says you can protect me and you are my perfect guy. Finally, Chakor says I love you. They share an eyelock. Chakor says I love you a lot and can you love a mad girl like me. Suraj promises to love her always and says he will give her respect and love. He says I cannot live without you. They hug each other passionately.