A mother of two, a successful entrepreneur and a producer as well — Twinkle Khanna wears several hats. And now, she has been signed on as the face of L’Oréal Paris’s new range of hair colour. Talking to us, Mrs Funnybones gets up, close and personal about the different roles she plays in her day-to-day life…

Not a good liar
The face of a cosmetic brand’s new product she feels is the ‘perfect match’ for her, Tina says, “These are the products I use. I am not really good at lying. So I find it very difficult to stand up and say something like, ‘Oh, this is a fantastic product’ if it’s not something I use or I would like to use.”

Bad hair days?
Of hair horrors, she recalls one distinctly. “Once, there was this really famous hair stylist who had shaved the back of my head. I wouldn’t recommend that to anybody. That happened many years ago,” she says.

Cannes or Can’t?
With her joining the line-up of famous names who endorse the brand, her ‘debut’ appearance is expected on the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival. Ask her about it and she remarks. “I don’t think it’s a part of my obligation but if they do ask me, I know I have the brand as the fairy godmother and I have the ball gown and I also have my glass shoes. So I’m ready.”

Mentioning that there’s always the pressure to look red-carpet ready, wherever one goes, Twinkle admits, “Even if you go to the airport, you find people taking pictures. But at the same time, you have to give yourself that leeway that you can look that terrible and it would still be fine. I am one of those who will be like ready in seven minutes and I’m out.”

Juggling act
She balances all her commitments pretty well. “I don’t think it is difficult because we are blessed. I live in a place where we have a lot of family as well as domestic help. I look at other women who work the entire day and don’t have that support and I wonder how they do it so beautifully,” she says.

Trolling trolls
It’s not easy to troll Twinkle. She has somehow managed to out-troll the trolls. Tell her this and she laughs out loud, “The only time criticism would affect me is when it has some validity to it or it’s from somebody I really respect. If somebody who can’t even spell my name properly and calls me Twinkal, I really don’t care what they say.”

A friendly mom
Twinkle’s a super-cool mom. Her conversations with Aarav that she regularly puts up is evidence to that. She says humbly, “I hope I am. I try to be. Aarav’s friends call me ‘savage’. I believe it’s a compliment in today’s times. It sounds awful, but I believe it’s a good thing. My son says so, at least.”

But on the other hand, the tech-savvy mum tries to protect her kids from being too much in the limelight. “See, I am a mother at the end of the day, so it’s my duty to protect my kids. I don’t like putting pictures of either Nitara or Aarav because they might be kids but they also need their privacy. Just because they have a well-known father or others in the family are public figures, you cannot compromise on their privacy. I don’t have issues with people clicking pictures of them when they go out with me. But I will try and keep them away from the limelight till they understand the value and consequences of it themselves,” Twinkle reasons.