On 25th November Dileep and Kavya Madhavan tied the knot putting an end to all the speculation around this rumoured couple. The function was held at a hotel in Cochin with close relatives and families in attendance. In fact, a lot of people from the industry also made it to the wedding – Lal, Jairam Ramesh, Mammootty, Meera Jasmine, Jolmol and many others. Ever since this surprising turn of events, everyone has been wanting to know what Manju Warrier, Dileep’s ex-wife had to say to all this. For all those who don’t know, many reports, years ago stated the reason for Dileep-Manju warrier’s split was his affair with Kavya Madhavan, but two kept denying their relationship. While we still don’t know the real reason for Dileep-Manju’s split, many media portals have shared videos of Manju Warrier reacting to the wedding, that are completely old and false. In fact, this one video where headline stated – Manju warrier Reaction to Dileep and kavya wedding interview in malayalamanorama is a total sham. It’s a two year old video where she hasn’t spoken a word about her marriage nor Kavya-Dileep’s wedding. Check it out!

Here is what she said in that video: Greetings, After 14 years I am speaking before you all. But even though I was away for so many years, you all still loved me. For someone who acted for just 3, you all gave me a lifetime of love. And I can never thank you all enough for that. Everyone knows that dance is what called me back. Even though the ghunghroo that my mother gave me during my childhood was my life, I was scared of performing again (after 14 years) When I performed my Arangetram again at the Gurvayoor I was of the expectation, nobody would be there but you all came. I was overwhelmed by the response. That day I understood I am still in all your hearts. The world I left when I was acting is not the same today. One touch and everything is before us. That’s why I thought of beginning a website. It will be my way of interacting with you, and staying connected. Today is that day when I am acting before the camera with the iconic legend Amitabh Bachchan which marks my second innings. I had dreamt of meeting him at least once but here now god has given me a chance to work with him for a Kalyan Jewellers ad. It’s happiness I cant express. On this unforgettable day, I have started talking to you all on Facebook. Please be by my side always. I am always there for you all.

But there’s one thing, ever since the Dileep-Kavya wedding, support has been pouring for Manju Warrier from lots of fans. “Dear Manju, Don’t fear, Go ahead. God n’ we are all with U. Blessings……” “l love you .Manju you are great”. Fans even took to social media to lend her support. Commenta poured in post the wedding on her Facebook page.