It’s Thirsty Thursday, and we have a treat for your eyes. These pictures of our favourite Bollywood men just casually lying in bed staring at the camera are sure going to make you thirsty. Their eyes will ask you just one question. Let your imaginations run wild. But before you proceed we advise you keep a glass of cold water next to you, and take small sips on regular interval lest you pass out of the heat. And no, these are not NSFW pics so you can casually scroll down your screen without the fear of being judged.

Here is your daily dose of sexy…

Let us begin with the King! This picture of Shah Rukh Khan will most definitely remind you of Christian Grey’s ‘Red Room of Pain’. Female fans can’t thank Dabboo Ratnani enough for clicking this!


If at all you are having a stressful day, this picture is enough to make it all go away. Stare at this picture of Shahid Kapoor for a few minutes and we bet you’d think that blinking eyes is a disastrous waste of time.  


Sidharth Malhotra is probably the only man in the world who could look so sexy in a pyjama suit.


Salman Khan! Apart from him looking this sexy, you know once he commits, he won’t listen to himself. That is whole other level of hotness!


Is it getting hotter? Up your game buddy, you are just half way through yet. Vidyut Jamwal looks like live action version of a Disney Prince. 


That irresistible smile flashed by Angad Hasija is definitive proof that it is bed time!


John Abraham, you can stop pretending to be shy in these pics!



Here is a pic of Ranveer Singh telling you that sometimes you gotta play with the angle a little bit. 


Listen up Bollywood, you gotta be done looking past this super hot dude! Vicky Kaushal is what you call raw sexual appeal. 

DSC_1657 DSC_1708

Rahul Khanna! We can’t thank him enough for letting the world in on his sexiness through his Snapchat. 

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Ravi just very recently broke the internet with these sultry hot pics!


It doesn’t look there is room for any more!


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