Ahead of its release, Baahubali 2 has fallen in a pitiful situation with protesters demanding a ban on the film in Karnataka. The Cauvery dispute has only intensified over the years. However, political differences between the states has affected the release of Baahubali 2. In 2008, actor Sathyaraj, famous for his role as Kattappa in SS Rajamouli’s film, made strong statements over the Cauvery row at the Nadigar Sangam. While his big speech mainly focussed on the issue, people seem to have taken offence over something extremely minuscule. In his speech, that is now making headlines for all the wrong reasons, Sathyaraj called Vatal Nagaraj, the president of Kannada Chalavali Vatal Paksha, an activist group, a comedian.

Here’s what he exactly said, “There’s a man called Vatal Nagaraj, he’s a big comedian. Vadivellu and others can’t compete to him. Thank god he hasn’t started working in cinema. That Vatal Nagaraj is doing a lot of comedy. He’s saying that Erode (a city in Tamil Nadu) and all should join Karnataka. Erode, Krishnagiri, our Madras, Marina Beach, this area you’re standing upon, should all join Karnataka and we should just suck our thumb and move on.”

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However, we believe that the wrong portion of the speech has been highlighted to add to the controversy. The actor started his speech by talking about what the Cauvery river situation is and why the Tamilians need to stand up for themselves and not let people walk over them. Right when he was in the middle of this discussion, he pointed at the several instances when a Tamilian was ill-treated. Sathyaraj then brought forward the famous phrase of Gandhiji, “An eye for an eye, makes the world blind.” He said how Tamilians are constantly under scrutiny and are traumatised everywhere and every time. The actor then spoke about the Bal Thackeray rage on Tamilians staying in Mumbai, the perils faced by them in Malaysia and in Karnataka as well. He quoted Gandhiji but asked, if they are the only ones following the patriot’s words, then wouldn’t they be walking blind while everyone walks over them?

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A very valid question. Look down the history books and you’ll notice how Tamilians are known to be docile. In fact, very recently as another attack in Bengaluru over the Cauvery row, Tamilians were the victims while the Kannadigas wrecked havoc. Why must everything be politicised, asked Sathyaraj, in his speech. And right now, as this major controversy over Baahubali 2 has broken out, we quote the actor and ask, “Why must every issue be politicised?” The intent of the party to “wait” for all these years and retaliate, not against the actor, but against the film altogether, is pretty questionable.

It is downright unfair to hold Sathyaraj’s personal opinion and let it affect the hardwork of 500 people who have worked on the film. Baahubali is worth over Rs 500 crore and a celebrity’s personal opinion, made years ago, shouldn’t become the factoring point of revolt against the film. Do you guys agree with this? Tell us your thoughts in the comments box below.