Shah Rukh Khan starrer Raees opened in theaters today. We know fans of SRK are going the whistle, clap and shout as soon as first scene of actor comes on screen. Every power packed dialogue delivered by him will be received with an even more energetic reaction from the public. But surprise surprise…little did we know that Sunny Leone will generate a reaction better than that from public watching Raees.

Sunny features in the song Laila Main Laila in Raees. The song. released a few weeks ago on the internet, and was an instant hit. In no time it had millions of views on YouTube and was trending for days. And on the D-Day, the charisma of the song is still soaring high. Or should we say we had seen nothing until now. When Laila Main Laila rolled out on the big screen, fans at many theaters got up from their seats and began to dance, right there, right then. Some even threw money on the screen. Can you believe that? The last time we saw such an enigmatic response from the audience to a song, it was for Baby Ko Bass Pasand Hai filmed on Salman Khan from the movie Sultan.

The proof of audience’s epic reaction to Laila Main Laila has been shared by no one else but the actress herself. Sunny Leone took to Twitter and shared the videos with words of gratitude towards the fandom. She said that she has never seen anything like that in her life. Well Sunny, welcome to India. Certainly, Laila Main Laila was a right move by the makers of Raees.

Omg!! I just saw money flying in the air! Holy moly! This is craziness!! I love it!!!

— Sunny Leone (@SunnyLeone) January 25, 2017

Lade Super Star for A Reason! @SunnyLeone #LailaMainLaila Sure Shot Disco for @RaeesTheFilm. Let The Dance Continues..@iamsrk @excelmovies

— Miyanbhai Ki Daring! (@srk_aravind) January 25, 2017

Dancing on Laila in jalgaon Inox thetre had fun a lot with @iamsrk n @Nawazuddin_S N @SunnyLeone

— Shaikh Azeem (@ShaikhAzeem111) January 25, 2017

#LailaMainLaila when dis comes no one sitting in their seats ..@SunnyLeone #Mass😎😎👌

— Lu¢kY (@JustLucky143) January 25, 2017

This is how Shah Rukh Khan reacted to the tweet. Also Read: Raees movie review: Nawazuddin Siddiqui steals Shah Rukh Khan’s thunder in this predictable gangster drama

Wow Sunny

— Shah Rukh Khan (@iamsrk) January 25, 2017

Talking exclusively to Bollywoodlife, Sunny Leone talked about being nervous on the first day of shooting Laila Main Laila. “The first day yea…I was nervous. You wait for a moment like this. This is a moment so amazing, and the moment that changes everything. I have worked so hard, my team has worked so hard. You feel proud, you feel happy and you fee if I can do this anyone can do it. You dreams can be fulfilled, you can make it to different places in life that you never thought were possible. And that is what this moment is – all those people that just have nothing nice to say, and always want you to fail or not do well. This is testament that if you work hard nice things can happen.” the actress said.

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