Shah Rukh Khan has always said that Suhana wants to become an actress. And you have seen a glimpse of the same when we shared with you a video of her play. She was scintillating in that. The girl has it in her to become a commendable actress. But all people talk about is when Aryan, SRK’s eldest son, will make a debut. If you ask us, we are equally excited about Suhana’s debut. So when pictures of her outside Karan Johar’s house along with Sidharth Malhotra came to us, our brains went on an overdrive predicting a film. Yes, we are speculating here but would you mind? (Also read: Shah Rukh Khan to give up smoking and drinking, and you have to thank AbRam, Aryan and Suhana for that)

These days Suhana makes solo appearances at events a lot. Only a few days back, she was seen leaving Wankhede stadium alone after an IPL match. Her father was not around and now she was seen outside KJo’s house. She is a beauty we have to agree. And that hair of hers…amazing! Shah Rukh too flaunts good hair and guess kids have taken after him. Even AbRam has beautiful hair. Suhana definitely will make a gorgeous actress. Sidharth looked much relaxed busily talking to someone on phone. Guess he was filling Alia Bhatt in about what happened at KJo’s place.

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If you think we are exaggerating about Suhana’s acting talent, you are highly mistaken. Check out this video of her playacting and you will know what we are saying.

Beautiful #Suhanakhan Recent Play.

— Suhana universe (@Suhana_Khan_12) February 8, 2017

Shah Rukh had spoken about his daughter’s interest in films. “Suhana wants to act. And I want to say this to every child that acting is not about Bollywood. You could do theatre, television or films. It’s an interest she has and she is good. So is Aryan. Suhana likes theatre. I will be a proud father if she does well,” the actor had said.

Do you want to see Suhana in a film with Sidharth Malhotra?