In a general Council meet of Nadigar Sangam yesterday, (a powerful artists association in Kollywood), former office bearers  R. Sarathkumar and Radha Ravi were asked to be expelled from the Nadigar Sangam on the grounds of corruption. General secretary of Nadigar Sangam – Vishal announced this decision on behalf of the body. The meeting was reportedly held on Sunday with most leading actors in attendance, including Kamal Haasan who was present at the meeting via Skype. The reason for the suspension was cited as the misappropriation of funds during their tenure.  Here’s what Karthi had said to a leading portal, “Sarathkumar and Radha Ravi made amendments in 2008 to the association bylaws, enabling them to become lifetime trustees. Such an amendment leads to the question — who is in charge of the trust coffers after their terms have come to an end? We have cancelled the amendments. There is no legal basis to do this and it raises a big question mark over the properties owned by Nadigar Sangam.”

Post this annoucement, many of the members of the Nadigar Sangam were attacked, Vishal’s office was reportedly attacked by four unidentified men. Nadigar Sangam’s Vice President Karuna’s car was attacked. Sarath Kumar’s wife Radikaa has lashed out at Karthi on social media, asking why she was informed beforehand despite being a life member

#NadigarSangam how can u suspend? Undertaking given that no discussion of either parties, courting contempt of court???

— Radikaa Sarathkumar (@realradikaa) November 27, 2016

#NadigarSangam which Commisioner hav permission for change of venue on a Saturday, I want to see the paper on permission given!!!!!

— Radikaa Sarathkumar (@realradikaa) November 27, 2016

Reportedly, there are actors and supporter out there who still stand by Sarathkumar. But it’s clear that Suriya, Vikram, Kamal Haasan, Vijay Sethupathi, Sivakarthikeyan are supporting Vishal’s deicison. We yet to see what will ensue in the coming days.  Also, it has been report that the High Court has given the actors liberty to challenge their expulsion.