This took a drastic turn. We so did not expect Sonu Nigam will actually go through shaving his head to make a point. But the singer actually did it.  He called the media for a press conference, and also present there was hairstylist Aalim Hakim. After interacting with the media and saying some intelligent and some absurd things, he excused himself. After a few minutes he returned to the press con with no strand of hair on his head. Cameras could not stop clicking his pictures. And newshour debates have just begun. This controversy is deemed to get more complicated.

Sonu made a controversial statement about ‘azan’ at Mosque, and prayers at temples. A fatwa was issued against the singer by a Maulvi which read whoever shaves his head will get Rs 10 lakh. So as a reply, Sonu asked Aalim to actually shave his head. “It’s not a challenge. It is to tell you that one who is cutting my hair is a Muslim. I am sitting voluntarily and asking my Muslim brother to shave my hair off of my head.” the singer said. Watch the video of bald Sonu Nigam here:

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Sonu has quite taken the fatwa head on. We are waiting to see how the industry will react to this extremism. Also Read: “I am minority” and 5 other things Sonu Nigam said before shaving his head because of fatwa

Sonu is known for songs like Abhi Mujh mein kahin, Kal ho naa ho, is still having a tough time with Twitter trolls. He took to Twitter on Wednesday to respond to users who slammed him for his ‘Aazaan’ comments.

One user said: “I can only pray for you to get well soon from your mental instability so that the next time you raise an issue on Twitter with some sense and sanity.” To which Nigam replied: “Still grammatically incorrect…stick to Hindi baby.” Another user came in support of the singer and said that the previous user “has no logic and language in her replies. Needless expressions. Empty vessel”.