After a couple of mediocre releases, Bollywood is back with two interesting films. First is Sonakshi Sinha‘s Noor, which depicts the life of a budding journalist on a mission to tell some gripping stories; while the other is Raveena Tandon‘s Maatr, which is about a mother out to take revenge for her daughter’s death. While we guess that both the movies will have their fair share of highs (we sure hope), they aren’t massy entertainers. And hence, we don’t expect them to do wonders at the box office. However, being reasonably priced, both the movies can easily turn into profitable ventures. To know more about their run at the box office and to predict the first weekend collections, we called up our trade expert – Akshaye Rathi (exhibitor and distributor) and here’s what we had to say…

Talking about the limited release that the movies are targeting and box office run of both the releases, Akshaye revealed to us,”This week we have Noor and Maatr. They look interesting, but are not meant for widespread audiences. They both are relatively niche films, but they will perform well at the box office. Noor will release in about 1000 screens, while Maatr will release in 500 odd screens. In their own spaces, they will do reasonably well.” (ALSO READ – CBFC wants ‘Dalit’, ‘Sex toy’ and ‘Barkha Dutt’ removed from Sonakshi Sinha’s Noor)

With both the films being reasonably priced, the makers will easily be able to rake in more than three-fourth of their cost in the first weekend itself. Talking about the budget and the estimated first weekend collections, Akshaye added, “The COP (cost of production) of each of the movies should be to the tune of Rs 10 crore. They are releasing in limited screens, so considering that Maatr releases in 500 odd screens and earns Rs 6-7 crore over the first weekend, it is relatively okay. Noor, on the other hand, should rake in around about Rs 9-10 crore over the first weekend, which is really good. They are very reasonably priced films, releasing in limited screens, so that’s how it is supposed to be.” (ALSO READ – Maatr movie review: Raveena Tandon’s hard-hitting performance makes this revenge thriller watchable)

How much they earn in their lifetime will depend on the word of mouth publicity that the films receive. But the makers will have only one week to make profits on their films, as Akshaye told, “Let’s face it, they are going to have just one week’s run. April 28 onwards, it is going to be Baahubali 2 everywhere.”

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