Watch Shah Rukh Khan’s Raees co-star Mahira Khan talk about Raees and much more.. 

The future looks bleak for Pakistani actress Mahira Khan as far as Bollywood is concerned. You know why, so let’s not even get started with that. All those who have been waiting for Mahira to react, here’s something that you would love to watch. Mahira got candid with a digital channel recently where she went on to read some really mean tweets about her on Twitter where she talks about Raees as well. Actually, to be precise, she laughs off a comment about her presence in the film’s teaser.

Someone tweeted saying, “Raees k trailer me to mahira khan ko lift hi nai krayi gayi.” They probably meant that they didn’t get to see even a glimpse of Mahira in Shah Rukh Khan’s Raees. Considering that she is still a part of the movie, the filmmakers could have just introduced her too just like they did with SRK. But nope, that didn’t happen and we aren’t complaining either. But this guy seemed to have a problem with it and Mahira dealt with his tweet rather smartly. Instead of commenting anything, she just laughed it off. Hmm.. Interesting! Well done, Mahira! (ALSO READ: Mahira Khan’s mother CRIED, all thanks to Shah Rukh Khan – watch video)

Now, if you are a celebrity, you are obviously going to have your share of followers and haters too. So Mahira was given a task to read out some really mean tweets about her and we must say, she took it all very sportingly.

Mahira is one of the most sought-after actresses in Pakistan and there is absolutely no doubt about that. But that’s not how everyone thinks. There are quite a few people who think that she is overrated and when the actress went on to read out their mean tweets, she didn’t even cringe once. She was just so cool about it.