Sidharth Malhotra’s last holiday was his Goa trip that he took to ring in the New Year. The actor, who is the brand ambassador of Tourism New Zealand, India, also visited the country for the second time recently. No wonder, he doesn’t seem to be holiday starved. During a tête-à-tête we discovered that he loves the outdoors and cycling happens to be something he is passionate about. Excerpts from the chat:

Do you have any dos or don’ts while travelling?
Travelling can’t have any rules and regulations ke aap wahan jaake aise travel karenge ya aise nahi karna chahiye. The fun is to try different things. If you go to a particular town where you can cycle, you should do it. Here you may get to do it. In New Zealand, we were at a resort which had a great landscape and they were providing cycles, I took full advantage of that because mauka nahi milta hai aur ya mausam nahi hota aisa. If it’s adventure sports, then I will surely give it a shot. When I go to a new city I see what I want to see and see how much time I have and what I want to experience and take it from there.

Road trips or flight time?
I haven’t done a road trip in a country. The only experience that I have had was going on a bike in New Zealand. When it’s about cross-country travel, especially on road, you need many more people and expertise to travel across states or cities. I have unfortunately not done a road trip, so I have mostly been on planes. I have taken the train from London to Paris, which was nice. Then there’s the TranzAlpine train ride, which takes you through some great scenic spots. It also has bogies that are open. So, you can get a feel of the temperature and the weather.

What are some of the experiences from your trips to New Zealand that you remember the most?
Zip lining. I had done a small version in India. In New Zealand, I tried a longer one, which was part of a two-hour trip that has a series of ziplines taking you from one point to another. One of it is about 220 metres long and has you travelling at about 50 kms per hour. You are zipping through trees that are around 10 storeys high. Diving was great fun. I was very fascinated with the Maori culture. It’s very rich, rooted, and very ethnic. They know how to respect the land. They perform rituals where they pray to the forest and to the trees. It was great to perform the Hakka with them, which is an aggressive form of dance that pumps you up.

Any food recommendations?
Non-vegetarian must try the New Zealand lamb. The meat is cattle grass fed so it’s comparatively healthier. I found out that they don’t import any vegetable, everything is home grown. The produce is fresh and is consumed within days. I think that keeps the flavour intact and enhances the taste.

You would recommend travelling because…
Travelling adds so much to your personality. It helps you open up your head space, learn about people and their culture.

The adventure sports that you have loved a lot…
Skydiving is something you must do. Bungee jumping in New Zealand is great because it’s the motherland of bungee jumping. Sky walk is great which anyone can do. It’s safer and an easy way to be on top of a building and get a great view. Jet boarding is awesome.

Actors travel a lot, but does that mean you get to see the place you are at?
When you are shooting, it depends on how much you are required on outdoor. Often when you are needed a lot on the set, you don’t get much time to look around. Unless I get to stay back. Recently, when I was shooting in Miami, I stayed back for a few days.

Sea or mountains?

Trip with friends or family?
One trip with each.

Solo trip or travelling with a group?
With a group.