Look who just beat Bollywood’s most sought after actress, Alia Bhatt in the race to win an Aamir Khan film. No points for guessing, we have Shraddha Kapoor being picked over Alia as the lead heroine in Aamir’s Thugs Of Hindostan. Yes! Although an official announcement on the same is yet to be made but fans seem to be already wanting to bet on Shraddha opposite Aamir in the film. One look at this poll result and you will know what we’re trying to say. Also read: While Aamir recommends Alia; Shraddha keen to bag Thugs Of Hindostan?

Considering there were strong speculations around Shraddha secretly giving a look test for Thugs Of Hindostan despite Aamir wanting to cast Alia for the role, we conducted a poll asking our readers to pick their choice and well….59 percent have voted for Shraddha over Alia, clearly citing she deserves the role more than Alia. Now it’s left to see if the makers i.e( YRF head honcho Aditya Chopra and Aamir) too will come in agreement with casting Shraddha in Thugs or no. But if at all it really happens then well, nothing like it for Thugs Of Hindostan will finally get a major turning point in Shraddha’s career. I mean, given her past flops including the last film (Rock On 2), Shraddha really needs a game-changing film to up her game.

Check out the poll result below: 


For all the ignorant, the plotline of Thugs of Hindostan is quite intriguing as it is on the similar lines of Pirates of the Caribbean. Reports of the script undergoing a change and matching to Matchstick Men also cropped up at one point in time but no confirmation has been given on the same. For all we know, the film is about pirates and their adventurous voyage and with Mr Perfectionist sailing in this project, could it be more exciting? Let’s await the final announcement on Shraddha bagging Aamir Khan’s Thugs Of Hindostan. Until then, keep watching this space for more updates on this hot story.