Lately, there have been reports that Shakti Kapoor has taken over from daughter Shraddha Kapoor’s manager and publicist, and will be looking after her work from now on. The actress’s parents were shocked when asked to comment on the rumours.

Why fix what ain’t broke?
Shakti says, “We are not changing anybody in her team. I have no clue where this news is coming from. Her manager and the agency she is signed up with are doing a good job. In fact, I introduced Shraddha to her current manager. We are very happy with their work. She is one of their oldest clients and joined them before Aashiqui 2 and she is working with almost 12-13 brands now. More than Alia Bhatt. She is doing phenomenal work, why would we want to replace them? Shraddha is shooting for Haseena so she has no idea about this news doing the rounds. ”

‘Shraddha has a rich dad’
Shakti adds that he’s not interested in handling his daughter’s career. “Shraddha is an amazing kid and has the world at her feet.She has been handling her movies for a while now on her own, along with help from Shivangi, and the mother-daughter team is very good. I have my own life to lead, my work and films and I cannot manage her career. Though I am always there for my children, and they come to me for advice. Her career is very happening and she has been approached for some amazing films, but she takes her own time to sign them. There is no hurry, and she’s not a risk-taker. Unlike me, Shraddha has got a rich father (laughs), so she can take it easy.”