Oh well, look who has just cheered us up on a Monday morning! It’s Shilpa Shetty and the Twitterati. So the ICSE board decided to include the Harry Potter series, Lord of the Rings, etc. in the syllabus for the kids. Now this is a great news for all the avid readers since now their kids will also share the same zest for books and characters as them. Bollywood parents, too, are happy with this move. In an interview with Bombay Times, the Super Dancer judge Shilpa Shetty said,” Books like Lord of the Rings and the Harry Potter as a part of the syllabus is a great move because it cultivates imagination and creativity at a young age. They should include books like Little Women as it encourages respect towards women at a young age. Even a book like Animal Farm can teach little ones to love and care for animals.”

How we wish she had stopped with Little Women. For those of you who don’t know, Animal Farm is a classic written by George Orwell and it reflects upon the events leading to the Russian Revolution of 1917. It speaks about one of the darkest times in the world. The book has nothing to do with how to treat animals and most certainly does not teach little ones to love and care for animals. What followed this statement of Shilpa Shetty was a hilarious number of tweets trolling the actress for her views on Animal Farm. (ALSO READ: Hey Shilpa Shetty, can you please stop looking so HOT every single time – view pics!)

Twitterati is trolling the actress on her knowledge and perception of books. #ShilpaShettyReviews is trending on Twitter and most of the tweets are hilarious AF! Check it out.

Kids must read “to kill a mockingbird”. This will help them understand how not to kill birds. The title is misleading. #ShilpaShettyReviews

— Vivek Tejuja (@vivekisms) November 28, 2016

“The Lord Of The Rings is the best autobiography of Bappi Lahiri ever.” #ShilpaShettyReviews

— Harish Iyengaar (@scaryhairyman) November 28, 2016

“Loved all those mysteries but I still don’t know what Nancy drew…” #ShilpaShettyReviews

— Praveen (@Pravmaga) November 28, 2016

Today I’m gonna talk about “David Copperfield” and it is about the copper mines in England. #ShilpaShettyReviews

— Vivek Tejuja (@vivekisms) November 28, 2016

Devil Wears Prada is about a devil who prefers a specific brand. We should keep our children from this. #ShilpaShettyReviews

— Zee (@ChocolateCharsi) November 28, 2016

“A song of ice and fire” is a great book on how people in cold and hot regions coexist without conflicts. #ShilpaShettyReviews

— Vignesh Waran (@vwaran97) November 28, 2016

If only Shilpa had read Animal Farms before making that statement! Post your thoughts in the comments below and stay tuned to BollywoodLife for more