Preeto (Kamya Panjabi) is determined to make Harman (Vivian Dsena) realise the difference between a complete woman and a transgender and says that she can’t wait anymore while wiping her tears. Just then, Raavi comes there and tells Preeto that her plan will only succeed if Surbhi is closer to Harman. She also tells her that she overheard Harman telling Surbhi that he will not accept her as a wife. She asks Preeto to accept defeat since they have lost to Soumya (Rubina Dilaik). Meanwhile, Chameli tells Saya that she called her at the last minute after seeing Kareena’s anger. She asks her to do something when Saya says that Kareena’s anger is justified and she will understand soon that she is carrying the burden of hopes.

Everyone is sitting for dinner and Chintu sees that Harman is still holding Surbhi’s hand while having dinner. Preeto asks Surbhi if she is happy in their house. Surbhi says that she is very happy when Preeto tells her that she is asking her as her mother-in-law. Saya thinks Soumya is still innocent and hasn’t committed any mistake. She says everyone loves you Soumya here, and asks her to come and see. (ALSO READ: Shakti-Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 30 January 2017, Written Update of Full Episode: Preeto asks Surbhi to get pregnant with Harman’s child)

Preeto asks Harak Singh to go and check the factory which he is going to open for coming baby. Viren sagrees with her and Chintu says that he is off to sleep. Soumya leaves Harman’s hand and decides to go with Chintu when he asks her to sing a lullaby for him. Soumya recalls her mum singing a lullaby for her and makes Chintu sleep. Harman comes there and says you have tagged yourself as incomplete woman, but you are more complete than a complete woman. He says we shall adopt him.

He holds her hand and tells her that even though she was singing for Chintu he couldn’t stop hearing it himself. Chintu gets up and asks Harman how many times he will hold her hand. Harman asks him to be friends with him. Chintu asks him to go else he will shout and tell everyone that he held her hand. Harman leaves. Chintu tells Soumya that she is the only good person in the house and asks her to sing the lullaby. Preeto thinks about Harak Singh’s wish to have a grand child and then Raavi telling her that Harman refused to accept Surbhi as his wife. She comes to Soumya and asks her to come with her.

She takes her to Harman’s room and opens the door with keys. They see Harman and Surbhi sleeping separately. Chameli calls Saya and informs her that Kareena is not at home. Raavi’s father-in-law Kishan Lal comes to meet Kareena and tells that you wants Soumya and I want that family. Kareena says I don’t want you for my revenge. He says everyone is your enemy, ruin them and make your place in the world. Saya hears them. Soumya asks Surbhi about her relation with Harman. Surbhi says he is my husband and asks why you are asking? Soumya says you are his wife and asks why she is in incomplete relation. She says I know that you are in the room but not together. Preeto overhears everything sneakily.

Soumya keeps her hand on her head and says that she will accept whatever Surbhi tells her. Surbhi tells her what a complicated relationship they are in. Soumya asks her to understand the reason of her marriage with Harman. Soumya says your marriage happened because of heir, and folds her hand asking her to get closer to Harman and make everything fine. Surbhi leaves. Preeto comes out and asks Soumya to keep asking Surbhi to get closer to Harman until she succeeds.