Kareena feels sad for her. She tells her friend that she has a plan to bring back Soumya (Rubina Dilaik) to their house. She gives a letter to her to give it to Chanda and asks her not to let Mallika know about this. Raavi tells Preeto (Kamya Punjabi) that Chintu hasn’t eaten anything since last night. Soumya asks them if she can help. Raavi asks her to stay away. Preeto scolds Raavi and asks Soumya to go and try once. Preeto asks Harman (Vivian Dsena) to bring some woolen clothes for Chintu. Soumya tries to go and talk to Chintu. He shows attitude and asks her not to act smart. Soumya persuades him to eat. He asks her to bring food for her. Raavi and Preeto get surprised to see this.

Maninder tells Beeji that Surbhi doesn’t look happy at Harman’s house. A friend comes and asks him why is Surbhi staying at Soumya’s house. Maninder says she has just gone for Lohri. Maninder tells Beeji that he cannot bear all this.

A van full of eunuchs come and start dancing outside Preeto’s haveli. Shanno goes inside and informs her family members. Soumya gets scared. Preeto asks Soumya to go and handle them and asks Surbhi to stay inside. She holds her hand and brings Soumya out. All the neighbors gather around them and start asking why have they come. Preeto comes and assures that Soumya will give them money. Kareena says she has come here to bring back Soumya. She says she will not stop dancing until she gets Soumya. She says she will call the entire society today. Preeto sends Soumya inside. Harak tells her that all the neighbors are gathering around their house.

Surbhi tries to call Harman but he doesn’t pick up. She asks Soumya to call him. Preeto asks not to call him as he will come and reveal the truth to everyone. Chintu insists on going on. Raavi tries to stop him but he refuses to go inside. Soumya requests him to come inside. He agrees.

A neighbour asks what does she want. Kareena says here is a eunuch inside the haveli. Shanno suggests letting them take Soumya. Surbhi asks her not to even think about it. Harak Singh takes his brother Viren inside. Viren goes outside and asks the eunuch how much money does she want. Neighbour asks Harak Singh to call the eunuch in their family. Harak Singh gets angry and warns them to drag them to court. Kareena says she will have to reveal everything, if she doesn’t call her. Mallika comes and asks her what is she talking about. ALSO READ: Shakti-Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 20th January 2017, Written Update of Full Episode: Preeto gives Surbhi’s mangalsutra to Soumya