Censor Board has asked the makers of Rangoon to chop off or add statutory warning on scenes with the characters indulging in smoking and other kinds of intoxication. The makers of the Saif Ali Khan–Shahid Kapoor-Kangana Ranaut starrer have been asked by the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) aka the Censor Board, to add a statutory warning in certain scenes as they don’t support it! Censor chief, Pahlaj Nihalani has stated that what was considered a fashion during one point of time is now considered a sin, just like eve-teasing and stalking. You heard that right. According to the board, there are certain scenes in the Vishal Bharadwaj film where we’ll see the pivotal characters indulge in intoxication and smoking. While it was a fashion during the World War period and was considered really cool, it’s not the same case anymore.

‘Was fashionable then’
From what we’ve learnt, characters are shown smoking and indulging in substance abuse throughout the film. Adds a Censor source, “Since the film is set in the 1940s when it was considered fashionable to smoke, the characters are shown smoking constantly. In such cases, it’s better to keep the statutory scroll on throughout the film. But we leave it to the film’s makers to decide what they want to do.” (ALSO READ – Kangana Ranaut kickstarts promotions of Rangoon in a CHIC Fendi outfit – view HQ pics)

Smoking not encouraged
Adds Censor chief Pahlaj Nihalani, “We’ve asked all such scenes to be deleted. Drug abuse and smoking are not things we encourage in our films. Smoking may have been fashionable in the past. But now, it is as unacceptable as eve-teasing and stalking. To see glamorous characters getting high on drugs is not CBFC’s idea of an evening of fun at the movies.”

The statutory warning is something the CBFC recommends for all movies that have scenes with the lead or any of the cast smoking onscreen. With a view to not propagate the said act, the filmmakers to ensure that they use the warning. As seen in the trailer, it is pretty evident that Saif, in the film, has sequences where he is smoking. While we aren’t aware of the other kinds of intoxication as stated by the chief but we can assure that the next time you see Khan smoking onscreen in Rangoon, it’ll be with a statutory warning. Anyway, the film is slated to release on February 24, 2017. Are you excited for this love triangle set during the time of World War 2? Tell us in the comments section below.