It seems Kangana Ranaut has opened gates of hell with her statements on nepotism, and Shahid Kapoor. Her last film with the actor, Rangoon, might not be remembered for its content, but will sure be for whatever went down during the promotions of the film. Kangana began the war, probably all in humour, after saying that “sharing a cottage with Shahid was a nightmare”. Shahid took offence and said “she has a vivid imagination,”. The actress replied, “He borrowed that line from Hrithik,”. You thought that was over? Think again. Shahid has once again made a worrying remark on Kangana, and hopes “she gets along with some co-stars”.

Shahid was asked by a leading entertainment magazine to comment on the actress’ remarks. “Kangana has a thing for one-liners,” Shahid said, opening up with a fierce remark. He further added,”I’m not one of those. I’d rather focus on the movie. I like positivity. We shared a professional equation. So, I was also surprised by the comments. I also read some retractions she made later that she didn’t mean it in a bad way.” The fact that retractions were made, the war of words should have ended there but it is going on till now.

“When actors start engaging in this table-tennis match through interviews, which the media feeds off, the focus is then on the actors and not the film. I don’t believe in publicising a film or myself through this kind of activity. With all due respects, I had a good time doing the film. I’ve been working for 14 years and I’ve had no problems with anyone. I choose not to discuss my problems in print. Some discretion is welcome. I’d choose to say that I wish her all the best. I hope she gets along with some co-stars. It will be good.” Shahid concluded.

As it goes, now we are waiting for Kangana’s reply!