This video needs a disclaimer right at the start because it’s nothing short of a spoiler alert. So we humbly request people who haven’t watched Shah Rukh Khan‘s Raees to refrain from watching this video because it reveals a major twist in the plot. But if you still want to, watch it at your own risk. Well, with that taken care of, let us tell you how audience reacted to the film. We have the video of public reacting to the film. While almost everyone raved about Shah Rukh Khan with fans going crazy about him, there were many who disliked the ending completely. One girl was so dejected she didn’t even want to give a quote. (Also read: Raees movie review: Nawazuddin Siddiqui steals Shah Rukh Khan’s thunder in this predictable gangster drama)

Initially, everybody kept saying it was awesome with Shah Rukh Khan getting thumbs up. Everyone gave it 5 out of 5. But the ending disappointed a lot of them. Guess that was the demand of the script. We always yearn for a fairy tale happily ever-after ending but guess Raees deprives people of that and they are slightly hurt by it. Shah Rukh Khan, we hope you watch this video and promise us that it won’t happen again! Meanwhile you check out the video here.

Bollywoodlife however found Raees a little short of excellence. Our critic wrote, “As a movie, Raees is definitely a letdown especially for those who expect a Deewar-like dhamakedaar masala movie. Fans of Shah Rukh Khan might give the movie its huge initial but don’t expect the road ahead to be a smooth ride. And warning for all superstars – acting with Nawazuddin Siddiqui is injurious to your own dramatic talents – he can steal your glory right from under your nose.”