Shah Rukh Khan and his crew promoted Raees in an unique way. They boarded the August Kranti Express from Mumbai to Delhi along with select media. The journey was supposed to have media interaction on-board but fate had other plans. A man named Fareed Khan, who had come to Vadodara station to see the star, and meet his relative on-board the train, passed away after a cardiac arrest. It was reported that he was caught in a near-stampede and suffocated, only to be made clear later that he was suffering from heart condition and was advised to not visit crowded places. The mother of the deceased released a statement that the family had “nothing against Shah Rukh Khan…as he is not at fault.” But this did not stop a blame game from taking place. Some called out SRK, while some doubted RPF personnel’s ability to handle such situation. Now, DNA reports that Railway Protection Force (RPF) Director-General SK Bhagat has called the arrangement made by them ‘foolproof’ and that “fans are star-crazed”.

Also, there were reports that lathi charge that took place at Vadodara station to disperse the crow. Bhagat denies the reports, and says while talking to DNA, “I don’t think there was any lathi-charge”. Though he did add that fans started running along with the train, which could have been fatal, so “RPF and GRP took measures to safeguard the people,” Also Read: We have nothing against Shah Rukh Khan as he is not at fault: Deceased’s mother says in a statement

Though DNA also adds an input from a RPF personnel who on the condition of anonymity said that they are consulted, AFTER the permissions to carry out such events has been given.  “We are never called in to make a security-risk assessment before the event is sanctioned.” the personnel added and also blamed ‘lack of logic’ on department’s behalf for the incident in Vadodara.