Everyone is talking about how good Dear Zindagi is. Perhaps this is the only film which gives a therapeutic experience because it’s all about getting over breakups and failed relationships. Shah Rukh Khan and Alia Bhatt‘s film is even earning very well. But despite earning 32. 05 cr over the first weekend, Shah Rukh couldn’t become the actor who gave Alia her biggest opening weekend grosser. Arjun Kapoor is still the one who takes the throne here as 2 States earned much more than that on its opening weekend. (Also read: Dear Zindagi box office collection day 3: Alia Bhatt and Shah Rukh Khan’s film BEATS Kapoor & Sons- opening weekend; rakes in Rs 32.5 crore!)

2 States, a big screen adaptation of Chetan Bhagat’s novel by the same name, was nothing short of a revelation when it released back in 2014. Given the premise of college goers in love and the success of the book, the film opened very well and even earned 100 crore. It’s opening weekend rests at 38. 06 crore. In fact, the first day numbers were great too at 12. 42 crore. So clearly Dear Zindagi failed to become her biggest opening weekend grosser. But before you feel sad about it, let us tell you why there is no need to feel that way.

Arjun and Alia’s film released in over 2000 screens, which means it had an edge since the start. DZ released with only 1200 screens, perhaps lowest for any SRK starrer ever. Yet the opening weekend numbers are close to 2 States. So this film is a success in its own right. (Also read: Dear Zindagi’s Kaira or Udta Punjab’s Bauria – Which one was Alia Bhatt’s best performance till date?)

We already told you why the move to release DZ in limited screens was a good one since it is a niche film. Hi-end multiplexes raked in more money over the weekend because the film catered to that demography and the makers were aware about it. Now that’s called smart thinking. We told you how insiders revealed not every distributor was happy with the film and that prompted the makers to keep the release limited. There weren’t many single screens that screened the film. We had spoken to our Trade Expert, Akshaye Rathi to get an idea if it is a good move and he said, “1100-1200 screens is a very limited inventory which was planned courtesy the genre of the film and not the star cast. So even if you have very good occupancy you still will have limited inventory. I think it’s a smart move. When you know that you can cater to a particular public, why spend more money to put it everywhere. It released in very few selected single screens. In all of Rajasthan, only Raj Mandir is playing. In all of Mumbai, I believe only 6-7 single screens are playing it. Only the best single screens of every territory have been chosen for the film.”

So just relax SRK fans!