Sathyaraj has given in. He has finally apologised for his speech on the Cauvery water crisis so that Baahubali 2 is not held at ransom anymore. Films are the easiest targets of everyone in this country. Sathyaraj in his apology said, “I have got to know that what I had spoken during the Cauvery water crisis has created a lot of tension among the people of Karnataka. I am not against Kannadigas or Karnataka. The biggest example for this is that for the last 35 years my assistant has been Shekar who is a Kannadiga. I would like to apologise for the statement that I had made nine years back and would like to say that I am a small worker in Bahubali film and my comment should not affect the film. I appeal to Tamils to understand.” Now that the people against the film have managed to make the actor who plays Kattappa in the war epic beg, we hope they will allow Baahubali 2 to release in Karnataka. (Also read: Baahubali 2 will release in Karnataka only if Sathyaraj apologises for his statement, demands Kannada groups)

Sathyaraj’s apology comes after director S S Rajamouli too made an emotional plea in a video to the Kannadigas to not resent Baahubali 2. “We understand that the comments he made hurt the sentiments of many of our friends but we would like to say that it’s his individual opinion and would request you to understand that the Baahubali producers and I do not reflect the same opinion.” Listen to his complete plea here.

An appeal to all the Kannada friends…

— rajamouli ss (@ssrajamouli) April 20, 2017

If you are wondering what did Sathyaraj say that made Kannadigas so angry on him and why they decided to bring out a 9 year old speech during the release of Baahubali, hear it right here.

So now can Baahubali 2 makers expect a smooth release of the film in Karnataka?