When it comes to celebrities, they are constantly evolving to keep up with the changing times. Considering how  visual the film industry has always been it’s no surprise that stars pay special attention to their looks and style statements, and this the case across industries, be it Bollywood, Tollywood or even Kollywood. None of them look the same after a few years as they go through major transformations. But when their transformations are a little too drastic, you wonder if there’s more to it than what meets the eye? A little corrections here and there hurt no one right (perhaps only them). Who Kno(es)ws what has caused the change? Eye wonder! At the end of the day, lips won’t lie. For today, we have listed out 5 actress from the South industries whose transformations will leave you stumped. Are you ready? Warning: Proceed with Caution

Samantha Ruth Prabhu – Yes believe it or not, the girl on the left is indeed her! Hey Sam, you can’t really hide it, We nose, I mean, knows everything!


Kajal Aggarwal – Blink all you want, but the girl on the left is her.


Nayanthara – She was always known to be the voluptuous actress. Then what happened? lost weight or there’s more to it than it seems?


Trisha – She has been in the industry for 15 years now. She has changed and how! What did you notice first?


Shruti Haasan – Stop rubbing your eyes! It is her but she is one of the few actresses who admitted to a nose correction. She revealed back in 2012 that it was for medical reasons. In fact, she was a little apprehensive of the surgery because she though it would affect her voice. But it’s a case of more than one job here. Ahem! Ahem! Also Read: Shruti Haasan doesn’t look the same anymore – view HQ pics


So are you still reeling from the shock? Which transformation stumped you the most?