The defence counsel representing Salman Khan in the infamous poaching case here, has claimed that he received a death threat from an ‘international gangster’ for getting the film star ‘acquitted’ in the case. H M Saraswat claimed two days ago, the caller, identifying himself as an international gangster, threatened him for getting Khan ‘acquitted’ in the Arms Act case, saying ‘he was not happy with it’.

According to Saraswat, the caller asked him ‘to be ready to face dire consequences and none could save him’. Saraswat filed a complaint with the police and has been provided an armed policeman as security. “We have provided him the armed policeman for his security and have started investigating the matter,” Police Commissioner Ashok Rathore said. Saraswat claimed the same person had called Khan and demanded ‘protection money’ which the actor refused. (ALSO READ – Salman Khan pleads NOT guilty in the blackbuck poaching case, claims he has been falsely accused)

We all remember quite well what an eventful day it was for Salman Khan. The 51 year old actor finally got acquitted from the Arms Act case that was filed against him 19 years ago. The case is related to the blackbuck poaching that happened in 1998. The Forest Department along with the Bishnoi tribe had filed a case against the actor for illegal poaching of an endangered species and using unlicensed gun in the process. After years of arguments and claims, with no hardhitting proof, the actor was acquitted on the basis of benefit of doubt. Khan’s acquittal news happened on January 18, 2017, by the Jodhpur court.

Khan was booked for allegedly killing the endangered species under the Wildlife Protection Act and the Arms Act – sections 3/25 and 3/27 – for keeping and using fire arms with expired license. The prosecution had argued that the actor did complain that his revolver was stolen. However, after a thorough search, police office Satyamani Tiwari found the firearm in his hotel room! Post-mortem reports of the two black bucks killed that night were also presented in the court where it showed that gunshot injury caused their death. While he is free from the charges and has recorded statement in the poaching of blackbuck on January 27, as well, will he be free from the 19 year long case? Also, is the actor’s life in danger or is it just a silly prank played on his lawyer?

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(With inputs from PTI)